~Chapter 5~

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Ladybug cringed to herself after she had entered her room through her trapdoor. She quickly transformed and sat on her bed. She had called him her kitty.

She had never done that...

She then realized that Chat Noir would almost be there. Stood up and grabbed some homework that was laying around. She had to act like she was actually doing something, so he wouldn't get suspicious.

Soon enough she heard the trapdoor open. She looked his way, and he greeted her with a grin. "Hi, Princess. My apologies for my late appearance."

She looked at her clock. 11:30 pm.

"No problem, Chat. I'll grab your dinner." She motioned towards her desk. "You can sit there until I'm back." She smiled.

He returned the gesture. "Thank you, Mari."

She quietly headed downstairs, grabbed the leftovers spaghetti, and popped them into the microwave. She softly hummed to herself while she was waiting for the timer to go off.

Soon enough, it went off, and she carefully grabbed the hot plate with a towel, put it on a tray, and then headed back upstairs.

Cat Noir looked up from Marinnete's homework and sheepishly grinned. "Sorry, I was curious what subject you were doing."

She waved her hand, accepting the apology. "Don't worry about it. As long as you don't go through my too personal stuff, I'm fine with it."

He placed his right hand on his heart. "Cat's honor."

She played the tray in front of him and sat on her chaise. He immediately dug in, which made her wonder when was the last time he had eaten.

"So, Chat..." He looked up at the bluenette, red-covered all around his mouth. Marinette choked out a laugh.

Cat Noir put his hand against his mouth, and when he looked at it, red was all over it. He now laughed too.

"Sorry, princess. I'm not the most charming eater in the suit."

She immediately stood up, wanting to give him privacy so he could detransform, but he had grabbed her hand preventing her from doing that.

"Stay. As long as you don't mind my ridiculous face coated in red, I would rather talk to you."

Marinette felt a bubbly feeling all over her stomach and she blushed. "I'll stay. You looked cute."

Now a blush covered his cheeks, and the pigtailed girl quickly changed the subject. "So... I talked to my parents today."

His expression changed from flustered to concerned. "And? What did they say?"

"Well... I only told my mom, and she's okay with it. But they do want to talk to you... Tomorrow..."

He slowly nodded. "That's fine. When?"

"I think the best time would be breakfast. It's Saturday tomorrow, and my dad always tries to eat with us on the weekends. Sunday he always has breakfast with us, sometimes on Saturday. So let's hope he can join tomorrow, and you'll have all that out of the way."

He nodded before taking another bite from his spaghetti.

She knew he wouldn't like the subject, but she had to ask...

"So, how did it go with ladybug?"

Chat froze for a mere second before smiling at her. "It went fine. Thanks for asking."

"I know you're lying, kitty. Talk to me." Marinette softly said.

He let out a breath. "Well... I wanted to tell ladybug about my problems, but then I would have to reveal my identity. So she said she would ask someone about it, and the answer was no..."He sighed. "I can't tell anyone, and it hurts..." Tears started forming in his eyes, and he took a sip from his glass of water.

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