Dress Shopping

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I turned around to face her and her eyes were watering "Stefan Tyler those girls want your numbers" they said pointing over some girls.

This will be a long night.


It is around now 11:00, me and Tyler were looking for the girls, suddenly I heard a loud thud come from outside.

I looked outside to see that Caroline on the floor and Sophia laughing her head off. "Girls I think it's time to go," I said catching their attention.

"But STeFan" Sophia slurred, walking over to me. She stumbled forward and fell into me. I laughed and helped her up.

"Yep, Tyler grabs us a taxi" I shouted to Tyler who had a few girls hanging off him. He nodded pulling over one of the girls and heading towards the pick-up area.

I picked up Caroline and guided Sophia to the taxi, she jumped in the car and we headed back to her house.

"Where have you been," Klaus said as we were getting out of the car.

"TheRe hE is mY FavOUritE brOtHEr" Sophia walked up to him patting him on the back.

"Sophia how do you get drunk, you have been dead for 1,000 years" Klaus whined, scooping Sophia up in a fireman's carry.

"Put me DoWN NEEklAUS" Sophia giggled making Klaus roll his eyes at her. "ByE You GuYS," she said waving at us as Klaus turned walking towards the huge mansion.


I woke up with a huge headache and walked towards my door, I opened it to see Rebekah and Marcel heading to her room.

"Rebekah, Niklaus would not be very happy about this," I said a smirk forming on my face.

"He wasn't very happy seeing you having fun yesterday, are you switching Salvatore" she responded sassily.

"No Sophia I was just kidding, if you don't Nik about this, I won't tell Nik about stuff that may happen in the future" my eyebrow raised at her offer.

"Deal but you have to come dress shopping with me and Caroline" I turned my head at her.

"Fine, text me the time" she responded with a huff. I pulled out my phone and text her the details as they continued into her room.

Walking down to the kitchen I pulled out a box of coco pops and milk and poured them into a bowl, "I see you have no hangover"

I turned to see Klaus, sipping in a glass of blood, standing by the door frame. "Yes, I'm perfectly fine. Can I borrow some money for my Miss Mystic dress" I asked with puppy dog eyes.

"You had enough of my money yesterday-" he paused looking at my face "fine" he handed back his bank card.

"Thank you, brother," I said hugging him and walking to my bedroom to get ready. I looked at my phone seeing texts from Caroline.

Hi, Sophia, I booked an
appointment for 1:30 till 6:15
because I know we are both very picky x 😂

Hi thx care, is it ok if I bring
Rebekah because she needs a dress
as she is going with Marcel x ❤️

Yeah that's fine be ready by 5 tho
because I wanna grab lunch x 😘

Sure thing Car and I'll pay
for the dresses, if you pay for lunch x

I can't say no to that offer
so yes meet at the grill? x

Obviously x 😙

I turned off my phone and headed to my closet and grabbed out some clothes. I wanted to look smart as we were going to an expensive dress shop.

I took a quick shower and straightened my hair and did my makeup. I got a sleeveless grey top, a peach skirt, matched with some heels and sunglasses.

I grabbed a clutch and threw some lipgloss in it along with my purse and my phone.

I saw Caroline getting out of a taxi and run up the drive

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I saw Caroline getting out of a taxi and run up the drive. "Bekah come on we have to go," I said knocking quickly on her door.

"I'm ready, just get my car" she shouted from the other side of her door. I grabbed her keys and saw Caroline talking to Klaus.

"Don't worry Caroline I'll save you" I shouted down the stairs, sliding down the railing like a 5-year-old. They both looked up to me laughing at my antics.

"Thank you, Sophia, you're my hero" Caroline laughed making Klaus hold his heart in mock hurt.

"I thought you liked my voice," he said taking his hand away from his chest.

"Not as much as yourself" I muttered making Rebekah laugh from the top of the stairs.

"Got that right little sister now let's go," she said meeting me at the bottom of the stairs.

We got into the car and drove to the shop, the car ride was filled with a bunch of stories about last night and what Rebekah did with Marcel.

Once we got to the shop we were directed to a bunch of dresses. We all picked out one for each other, Caroline went first and.

She got changed but couldn't find the right dress, Rebekah went next and actually liked her dress. I gave up because I did not like any of the dresses next to me.

We were at the door, about to leave when Rebekah stopped us as turned around squinting her eyes.

"OMG," she sang running towards some stands with dresses on "we can match".

She turned the corner with three matching dresses, one in pink, one in blue, and one in teal. We all agreed and brought them.

"Let's drop these off and get some lunch" Rebekah suggest. Caroline nodded and we walked out to the car.

"So where shall we go to lunch," I asked, as we made our way out of the mansion. "We always go to the grill, what about somewhere else?"

"Erm, there is another bar in the next town over" Caroline suggested.

"I don't mind, what town is it called?.  Rebekah turned her gaze to me.

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