Chapter 9 - Meeting the Bats

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Mari and her friends got back home thanks to Fred and Jack. Everywhere was usually quiet, but they had each other for company

"Welcome home everyone. How was your day?" Jasmine greeted them with a smile and they replied the same way. They liked their head maid, although they saw her more like a big sis, even though she gave them superior respect.

She always preferred to wear the usual black and white maid outfit, with her snow white hair, with blue streaks. Her eyes were a sea-blue color and she was in her early 20's.

After they showered and changed, she came to inform them dinner is ready.


After dinner, they went in early for the night, well that was what they told Jasmine.

"You guys ready?" Mari asked and they all nodded. All the other kwamis that had been exploring the house and were now fast asleep.

"Pollen, Buzz on"

"Longg, Bring the storm"

"Sass, scales slither"

Alix had agreed to stay behind in the mansion with the kwamis and they all nodded. Mari transformed to the goddess form to tell them about their new upgrades

"Queen Bee, your stinger can inject different emotions into a person, like fear or love. You can stay up to 30 minutes or more after using your power. Also I've added wings to aid you in flight" she told her

"Ryuko, you can use water, wind or lighting dragon five times each before having to de-transform after 30 minutes or more. I also added wings for your flight"

"Viperion, to be honest I didnt really have much to upgrade, since this is also a power of time, but I did strengthen your lyres hypnosis and you also have 30 minutes or more before you de-transform" she told him and he chuckled and nodded

"Well be back soon Alix, see you later" Mari bade her bye and jumped out the window, the others behind her

They were now running over the roof-tops, hoping there was no crime around, but to their dismay, and maybe a little excitement, they saw Joker and Harley with their goons robbing a bank and terrorizing the people.

Queen Bee's spinning top buzzed from the roof-top where they were observing things

"Guys, just felt to let you know that some Scarecrow dude is attacking on the other side of town. It seems like he has this toxin that brings fear to people, and he has hostages" Alix informed them

"Thanks. Well take care of it"

Mari turned to them. "Okay you guys take care of these guys, I'll get the scarecrow man" they nodded and she entered a portal to the location

Mari's POV

I landed in a hidden spot where I could see what was going on. Some people were on the ground, clutching their heads in fear while some were held at gun-point. I silently made my way behind Scarecrow

"Come now, it's just fear, what's the worst that could happen?" he sang as he sprayed another person in the face

I flipped over him, stinging him and grabbing the gas-gun as he froze in place. His goons saw me and turned to me

I now realized I was in a circle, with more than 10 men surrounding me

"So all of you want to take me on? Okay then. But let's make it fair. Pack attack!" I yelled, using the wolf power and four wolf-like versions of me appeared, snarling at the men.

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