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"What's going on?" Leah spoke as she walked down her stairs with her pyjamas on a look of confusion on her face.

"Nik got you some flowers by the looks of it," Kol spoke his tone obvious and she rolled her eyes at him.


"Leah darling, I understand it's early for you, but I think he's working on his on earning your  forgiveness, honestly Leah keep up," Kol spoke with a chuckle and she threw her eye mask at him which he caught with ease.

"Nik what have you done?" Leah spoke watching him annoyed.

"I got you flowers, they're your favourite,"  he spoke watching her and she watched how the wolf of her house enters be was filled with roses.

Leah only watching him with a sigh and looked back at the entrance filled with rose bears and large bouquets of roses. Her marble floor was barely noticeable with the large amount of flowers covering it. 

Klaus only watched his wife hoping to see her smile yet she hadn't and he felt helpless. He knew there was no way she would forgive him but he knew that she wouldn't. Flowers wouldn't be the reason she forgave him and he knew it. Yet forgiveness wasn't on his mind when he'd bought them, he remembered how happy she was when Elijah, Tristan and Sebastian had got them for her once.

"They're beautiful, thank you," she spoke giving him a slight smile and her watched her with a sad look.
"The kids will be down for breakfast soon, Kol get in the kitchen with me."

Kol only groaned following Leah as Rebekah made her way down to her brother who looked at the flowers with sadness.

"Why so glum chum?" She spoke when a little laugh watching her brother.

"Nothing," he spoke his voice grumpy and she watched him amused.

"Did you really think she would forgive you with a bunch of roses?" Rebekah spoke with ridicule.

"No I didn't think that, I wanted her to smile a real smile," he spoke watching the flowers I'm his gaze focusing on the note he'd written.

"Well who would have thought, my brother a love struck fool."

"Rebekah," he spoke his voice low almost a growl and she rolled her eyes.

"Nik it's not always about what you can buy someone, it's a kit how you show them you love them."

"How do I do that?" He spoke his eyes needy.

"I'm not going to help you if you're going to hurt her again," she said crossing her and her chest.

"You have my word, I swear," he spoke and she nodded before smiling at him.

"Then I'll help you, now let's eat I'm hungry," Rebekah said to her brother who smiled at her lightly as they went to the kitchen.

"So I have eggs, pancakes, baked beans, sausages, bagels and here's toast of you want it and Elijah's gone to get some fruit and beignets," Leah spoke walking out the kitchen.

As she reached the entrance she sat on the steps and watched the flowers with a small smile admiring the bears. As her fingers touching the roses her smile only grew wider and wider. Her hand brushed against a note and she picked it up before reading the note.

My darling wife
When I met you I wasn't looking for the perfect woman but I always wanted a perfect love. I used to dream. I used to dream of a woman who could be my best friend, my sole mate and my lover. And then I was blessed with you, and I ruined it. However the moment you came into my life, I feel head over heels for you and I know there's no one else I'd rather be with.
I love you

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