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Joy, Hope and her friends where all sat at the pool. Yet Joy was sat as far away from them as possible not wanting to hurt anyone. She believed that if she was close enough she could hurt them.

"Hey Joy right?" Spoke a deep voice as a boy sat next to her.

"Yup and you are?" She asked clearly unbothered.

"Rafael, it's nice to meet you," he spoke putting his hand out to shake hers causing her to look up at him. 

Watching him warily she put her hand in his larger one shaking it and he flashed his yellow eyes to her and she smiled at him.

"You're a werewolf?" She asked and he nodded with a smile

She knew he was attractive, yet she wouldn't admit it. His yellow eyes only made her smile at him. Yet she knew she shouldn't get close to him, anyone she evidently got close to ended up leaving and she hated the heartbreak.

"Yes I'd like to say I am," he said with a shrug and she laughed lightly. "Why don't you come and sit with us, closer to the pool?"

"That's not a good idea," she spoke and he watched how her beautiful blond hair fell over the side of her face.

"Well, I'm staying here too then," he spoke and she shook her head with a little laugh. "Do you play?"

"I play a little," she spoke watching her guitar and he smiled.

"Can I hear it sometime?" He asked and she smiled nodding at him.

"Sure, we have a music room, maybe you can play something too," she spoke and he laughed.

"Very unlikely, I'm not made for music being a werewolf and all."

"Nope that's an excuse," she spoke with a laugh and he shook his head watching her with a smile.

He wouldn't deny that she was beautiful, with her bright blue eyes, her beautiful blond locks and her pearly white teeth. Everyone knew she was beautiful and so did he.

"RAF! GET YOUR ASS HERE!" A girl shouted towards him and he rolled his eyes.

"You best see what they need, I'm going inside anyways," she spoke and he nodded as they both got up.

"I will see you soon, it was nice meeting you Joy," Rafael spoke and she smiled at him nodding in agreement.

Joy went inside and sat with her mother who smirked at her not saying a word causing Joy to smile.

Leah watcher as daughter walked in with a small smile on her face. Something she hadn't seen her do in a little while. Klaus watched his wife a look of longing on his face. He'd knew she was happy and it was without him and he hated it. Their daughter walked back into the home with her small smile not leaving her face.

"Soo Joy how's Rafael that's his name right, the girl called Lizzie introduced everyone to me a few nights ago," Leah spoke with a small smirk and Joy watched her mother panicked.


"Are you talking to a boy?" Klaus spoke and Joy rolled her eyes at him.

"Niklaus," Leah spoke watching her husband in a warning matter.

"He's a werewolf, she's a tribrid, their sex Drive-"

"NIKLAUS! shut up, Joy darling why don't you go and watch tv or something I'm going to have to talk to your father," she spoke a fake smile on her face and her daughter sighed walking up the marble stairs.

"Leah I don't think-"

"Niklaus you can not stop her from having a boy in her life, if I remember correctly you bombarded yourself into my life when I was the same age as her," she spoke and he chuckled. "And Hope has a boyfriend, so Joy having one can not be that harmful."

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