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Sebastian woke first that morning as his girlfriend lay beside him. He smiled as her beautiful blond ringlets where spread across her pillow, her face looking peaceful. He watched as she slept, he didn't deserve her especially if she knew what he'd done. Yet he wouldn't take tell her knowing he'd just put her through more heartbreak.

Leah opened her eyes and Sebastian watched her playing with her blond hair and a small smile appeared on her face.

"Morning," she said and he smiled at her his blue eyes bright watching her.

"Good morning how did you sleep?" He asked and she traced her fingers on his bare chest.

"Amazingly, how about you?" She said and he turned onto his side moving her hair from her face and grinned.

"It was the best sleep in a while."

As the both of them lay for a few moments, Sebastian was the first to move from their embrace a look of guilt on his face. Leah only watched him curiously.

"What's wrong?" She spot asking him and he kissed her head.

"I must do something, I shall see you soon," he spoke leaving the door before she could reply and she nodded.

Sighing she got out of bed and walked into her walk in shower her smile not leaving her face. Once she had her shower she put on some clothes and headed downstairs to where Kol, Rebekah and Hayley sat.

"You had sex didn't you?" Kol spot the moment he saw her and she only watched him her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open.

"She has her 'I just had sex' face on, you're right," Rebekah spoke a smirk painted on her face.

"I don't have an I just had sex face," she spoke rolling her eyes and they only laughed at her.

"You have a face," Hayley spoke with a shrug and leah only rolled her eyes.

"Well I saw your boyfriend attempting to sneak out this morning," Rebekah said with a smirk and leah looked at her a look that screamed shut up.

"Was he good?" Hayley asked with a small smirk and Leah threw a cushion at her.

"You reek of sex it's terrible," Kol spoke and Leah sighed.

"Kol I'm half Werewolf, so unless you want to suffer for a day or two with werewolf venom in your system I suggest you shut up, and i this time I won't give you any blood to get rid of it this time," she spoke and he held his hands in surrender a small grin on his face.

"Darling we both know you would, you hate seeing your best friend in pain."

"Nik's coming," Rebekah spoke slightly worried and panicked.

"Kol don't say a thing," Hayley said and he opened his mouth to disagree as leah flashed him her yellow eyes and he shut his mouth.

"My love I have something for you," he spoke holding a small gift bag in his hand.

"Niklaus I don't-"

"Just open it!" He spoke eagerly handing her the box.

Curious to what was in there she sighed as she watched him a look of happiness on his face. As she opened the box she noticed a gold ring, one she had when she was human. Taking the ring out the box she watched the ring in shock. The colour seemed a bit dull, yet she still loved it as she did then. That was the last thing her aunt had given her before she was married.

"Where was it?" She asked her fingers brushing over the piece of gold.

"It was in mystic falls, the old villages are now underground, i noticed how it was under the ground with a layer of stone, so I compelled a human to get it since I can not."

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