The Preparation

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When I finally regained consciousness the pain has not left my body but I was feeling much better. I looked at my alarm clock and noticed that I was out for two hours. I slowly made my way toward the only cabinet that I have in my cabin and open up the last drawer taking out the ingredients that I need for the medicine that I collected two days ago.

I smile as the pungent smell let me know that it was ready to be used. I took out the light purple solution that had leaves in it. I took out a clean cloth and covered the cup that I used for my medicine. I carefully filtered the solution and I downed the semi-filtered medicine without hesitating since I am used to it.

I slowly took off my t-shirt that now smells like food while heading to the bathroom to take a shower and grabbing a towel on my way. I hissed as I took off my shoes a sudden pain that I felt making me wince. My socks were soaking with a combination of blood and water.

At times like this, I wish I had hot water to take a shower in and also soak my leg in but I guess cold water will have to do. I took a quick shower, did my night routine which includes few minutes of deep breathing while chanting "this too shall pass."

It didn't take time for me to fall asleep after my head hit the pillow. I went to dreamland debating whether I should wish for tomorrow to come or not. 

My alarm went off just as I was about to reach out to touch something. I was ready to break the alarm into a million pieces but after picking it up I remembered that the alarm is my life savior.

Huh, imagine how many days I would have been late to work if it wasn't for it. No matter how annoying it is, there is no denying the fact that I was in desperate need and dependence.  We have a love and hate relationship.

I quickly jumped out of bed and took the three steps it takes and went into the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and quickly run a brush into my hair which did not do much. I changed out of my pajama and fumbled around in the top drawer and wore one of the clothes that I can still fit in and run out of the house locking the door behind me.

I want to go shopping. I haven't been able to go shopping for I think two and a half years or three years now. My old clothes are not fitting me anymore and I am running out of my baggy clothes that used to fit since they start to be torn apart because I wear them a lot and some got destroyed due to the different works or duties that I have to accomplish.

Today I am going to be lonelier than usual since I will most likely be working alone. I am not happy about it since I do want to talk to people but that doesn't mean I hate it too since it means there won't be anyone to bully me and it's not like people talk to me when I was working in the kitchen. 

I would have loved it if I was here yesterday since all the noise, different mixture of smell, and peoples emotion was driving me crazy. But today my headache is gone, the pain in my body is not as bad, and I can hear my stomach growling to be feed but I am not as desperate as I was yesterday. The medicine regulates my physical body and my emotions even though it makes me weaker.

A few days passed without anything happening to me. If anything did happen outside I had no idea since I spent the last four days looked up in the storage and weapons room cleaning. The only time I went out was the first day.

I went back to my house when everybody was fast asleep just to pack up things that I will be using every day for personal hygiene and two spare clothes so I won't have to spend an hour going back and forth when I can use that time to get much-needed sleep. So I basically moved into the building. 

I was scared they will forget about me and not give me food but the food was delivered to me once a day by different omegas who just left it by the door. It is not like I have some kind of contagious disease, I don't know why they hate getting close to me.

"To think that some of them were my friends at some point," I said shaking my head.

Cleaning the storage and weapons room was hard since it required a lot of moving things around but the prison is going to be a whole different story. I have been here for half a day and I have never been so thankful for not having a good sense of smell all the time as this time. 

Even with less than a regular sense of smell of a werewolf, I feel suffocated. I can feel tears slowly filling my eyes and flowing down because I can't help but feel sorry for whoever is sent here.

Sudden chill and shudder didn't waste time to remind me that I would have been one of the werewolves that were locked down here. I am now more thankful to our Luna.

I ran out of soap since all the blood, vomit, and all the other stuff  I had to clean were not easy to clean. I still have two sides left to go. I am not in the western wing of the prison which is where they keep and torcher the worst of werewolves in the worst way possible.

This is evident by the heavy smell of wolves-bane, the amount of blood on the floor and wall, and the shackles I see hanging from the ceiling and wall.

I stepped out of the underground prison and took a good deep breath and exhaled with satisfaction. There is probably nothing as satisfying as breathing in clean fresh air after being inside a place that smelled worse than a sewer. Um, on second thoughts maybe being able to use the bathroom after holding your urge in until your bladder is about to explode tops it. Yep, that definitely belongs at the top.

When I get to the clearing I see that every werewolf around is rushing to finish setting up the garden for some kind of a celebration? I guess the official celebration has still not happened but I didn't think it would be this big. I mean everything looks fancy like wedding fancy.

When I walked into the pack-house the preparation was even more intense. Omega's were cleaning every inch and corner of the pack house, it was obvious that the kitchen was busy as well with all the different mouth-watering aromas swimming towards my nose. I see that even the high ranking werewolves are doing their fair share of work since I see them carrying books, rearranging, and decorating the whole pack-house.

Most of the She-wolves looked like they were having fun while some of them looked like they were ready to kill the ones that were having fun. It looked fun, I wanted to join them. I guess not seeing much of anyone for four days does that.

I know the Alpha and Luna having a pup is a huge deal but I didn't think they would throw a big celebration like this. It is as if they are getting ready to welcome somebody.....I don't know but I just think this whole thing is just too much for a pup that is not even born.

"Um, are you not supposed to be somewhere else?" Said Sasha. "By the way, you smell terrible." She added with disgust written all over her face and taking a step away from me.

"Isn't that amazing?" I muttered under my breath while bowing my head.

She suddenly raised up her hand in a crazy motion and said, "You know I can still hear you, right?" Like it is unbelievable of me to even dare and answer the question.

Even I am surprised, after all, she is the beta's sister and one of the best warriors. It was probably not the best thing to do but I just kept quiet. Does physical exhaustion give people the courage they should not have because I know the courage I am feeling right now is an unnecessary one and it is going to get me killed. I was looking forward to communicating with people and it seems it is not going to just be with words.

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