Chapter 29

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This is a very long chapter! So I hope you all enjoy this chapter! I've also decided to let this go on for possible 2 more chapters!
Enjoy everyone!!


Chapter 29: Truths and Jinchuriki

"Naruto! Sasuke! Watch out!!" Minato yelled as Obito appeared in front of the two teens, grabbing them by the face as two orbs formed spikes ready to stab them.

Minato threw a few of his kunai's and disappeared, reappearing behind the two teens and pulled them away from Obito. Naruto summoned a clone which had boosted him towards Obito.

Naruto roared as he thrusted a Rasengan to Obito's stomach.

The ten-tails Jinchuriki flew across the field of rocks and debris until finally coming to a stop upon contact with a large rock.

Sasuke rushed to attack Obito but Naruto stuck his arm out to the side. "Wait... look." Naruto said as Minato landed beside him.

The trio watched as Obito's body swelled and a cry of pain was emitted from him. "He's not in sync with the ten-tails." Minato said.

Obito stuck out his arm, a black orb formed, slowly. It grew a little before it emitted a bright light. "Crap..!" Naruto cursed under his breath. The orb exploded and debris and rubble surrounded the area.

"What? He missed?" Sasuke asked, "no... he hit himself!"

There in the exact same spot was Obito's half destroyed body. Minato dropped beside Naruto and performed a couple of hand signs. He quickly ran towards Obito who let out a cry.

"I'll save you... Obito." He muttered.

A cloud of smoke suddenly covered Obito and once it cleared, Obito stood on his two feet, seven orbs floated behind him and a black staff in his right hand. "At long last... Minato-sensei..." Obito muttered.

Sasuke appeared beside Obito and attempted to land an attack which was blocked with ease by Obito. Sasuke was then grabbed by the head and thrown. Naruto appeared beside Minato.

"How can you save your student when you can't even raise a son properly you dumbass!" Naruto growled kicking Minato out of the way. He took out a kunai from his pouch and blocked Obito's staff.

The kunai was sliced cleanly by Obito's staff.

Obito attempted to grab Naruto who quickly dodged and jumped away from Obito. "Naru- son! Are you alright?!" Minato asked rushing to Naruto's side.

"Shut up..." Naruto growled, "don't even begin to act like a parent now you shitty old fart!!"

"This is no time to be arguing!" The Second Hokage of Konohagakure, Tobimara, spoke sternly.

"He's right." Sasuke chimed in.

Naruto walked up beside Sasuke and looked at Obito who stood in place. "So... I guess it takes more than fists and kicks to beat him to the ground." Naruto spoke earning a nod from the raven head.

"Why don't you try to blow him with that Rasengan?" Sasuke asked and Naruto grinned.

"Now you're talkin'." Naruto said.

The two dashed towards Obito with Sasuke taking the lead. He performed hand signs at great speed. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!!" Sasuke yelled spewing fire out of his mouth.

An orb from behind Obito quickly maneuvered in front of him and blocked the fire attack. Tobimara appeared behind Obito who had anticipated the move. "Futi-"

He was cut off when he suddenly appeared in front of Naruto who had a Rasenshuriken. The attack collided with his body sending him flying before the attack finally exploded.

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