(A/N) A soul above the rest

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Haayyyaaa it's me the author here to tell you that book one has ended!
It was a fun ride all of this and you guys were amazing! We've hit 200k reads and 4.5K votes right as I'm ending this!!!!❤️💕

I hadn't originally planned for it to be split into more books, but as I wrote the story I realised that it would be better to end it here.

I don't know when I'll post the second book, but I know that it won't be the next the story I'll post, because I want to share some of the other things that I am fan of.
Expect Dr. Stone but maybe also Eurovision stuff!

Some of you have maybe noticed I've changed my profile a few times. At first this was only about Flora, but then I made two more girls, that I think would be interesting to write stories about.
Maybe I'll even make a book where I show how I imagine them and what they're like, when they're not in a fan fic story.

Well, it's been really fun and you've all been really supportive. Love you guys 3000 💖


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