Chapter 16

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Kates Pov

I get tackled down Onto the Floor By a large Body, I scream as I go down onto the floor Hard. I start to push whatever is on top of me and it's fuzzy. I open My eyes and see A really big doggy,As i'm about to hug it and kiss it and make it my bestest friend. Someone pulls me out from under the Dog and I get so upset. I look up to see who has me so i can give them my evil eyes for taking away my chance to pet doggy and its Daxs? Lucas said he would be gone until Dinner, he is back early.I look over and its lucas running into the kitchen from the living room.

" God damit butch " Lucas says.

Well daxs was looking over at lucas i took the opportunity to get out of Daxs hold And to give the Doggy Hugs and kisses.I get down there and start to Hug him, He starts to kiss my face and i giggle. I feel someone picking me up again and I get Upset. What does a girl gotta do to get some puppy time around here,geez.

" No No No Butch is a guard dog Not a lovely dovy type dog" Daxs says to me as he holds me.

" What do you mean he just gave me Kiss and he dosent seem like a butch Too me he seems like a Hmmmm Like a,Bee Your name is Bee butch is Too mean for that sweet little doggy Right Daddy?" I ask

" Umm i don't know sweetpea We will have to see how you and butch get along before and thing like that OKay/ Plus your Sick and he is outside all day he might give you somthing" Lucas says

"His name is BEE and how about he be inside from now on HE CAN SLEEP WITH me!" I say getting Happy things about me and bee snugging.(I didnt know how to put it in so here is is Butch/Bee he a doberman and he has a friend cane corse but you will se him later on)

" OH that is a big No , For now we all need to sit down and eat lunch and then you missy are going down for a little Nap because you are sick and Need Lots of rest And then MAbye we can Talk about Butch being IN the house OKay?"Daxs asks me

I huff and Say FIne. I will get that puppy in my bed Tonight. We walked back into the living room and Daxs set me down. He turns on Sofia first and they go into the kitchen to make Lunch. I start to Sing along to the Theme Song well I wait.

After a bit I hear Lucas yell that it's Done and I run into the dinning room I see Two plates for chicken breast and broccoli , Then next to them is a a little Bowl that is in a shape of a Pink Dinosaur I look into the bowl and its Broccoli cheese Soup. I . LOVE . SOUP. I was all happy and looked over to see LUcas and Dax walking in the dining room with a sippy cup full of apple Juice and a little spoon in the shape of a dinosaur. It's SO CUTE! I sit down and they sit down next to me and hand me the spoon and sippy cup well kissing my forehead. Well those too Had to eat Plan odd chicken Boobies I got myself some Yummy soup. I wonder it they want some I put a little on my spoon and point it at lucas asking Him if he wanted any and he said no and i asked Daxs and he also Said No.

" DO you guys not like soup or something " I ask

" NO we like soup but we want to make sure you eat all of yours to make you feel better and hopefully won't throw this one up. Now finish it before it gets cutie cold of cutie" Lucas says to me. I just nod my head and Think there miss out so much right now.After I ate it All up they both Told me that I did such a good job and that made me feel good,No one has ever talk to me like this before Not even my mom She wanted nothing more than perfection on everything and even if i came home saying i won the spelling B she would still say there is room to make me better, No good job or im so proud of you,Just you can do better And now i have TWO very HOt daddies telling me how wonder I am for eating a bowl of soup.

Lucas and Daxs take me to my room for a nap. We walk into the room and Lucas make me drink A half of a sippy cup full of water before getting into the bed and daxs make sures I use the bathroom before I go to sleep, I'm a big girl I would never wet the bed.They both lay me down and lay with me until i close my eye and pretend to fall asleep I hear them leave the room and i keep my eyes closed just for a few minutes more to make sure they are gone i open one of my eye and they have left. Like I said I will Get Bee in my bed.I put my kitty slipper on,so they won't hear me.I slip out of my room and slowly wake out of the room and down the stairs. I hear them both in their Office so the kitchen Is clear. I walk into the kichen and out the back door to see Two BIg dog house One of them says Butch on it and the others says Beast.Bee sees me and comes up and kiss my face as i bend down to hug him the doggy named Beast comes over and dose the same why do they have to give them such mean names. Hmmm I should call you BUNNy perfect your so cute and fuzzy just like a little Bunny. I walk back into the house and they follow right behind me as We walk back up the stairs. We get to my Room and I tell them to jump and they do. I get in the middle of the bed and they sandwich me in the middle of them. I pet them both as all fall asleep for real this Time.If I wake up not feeling as sick Today would be the Best Day.

#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~An Few hour Later#~#~#~#~#~#~#~

I wake up and look around and see my clock and sees it says its 3:25. Bee and Bunny are still sleeping and my daddies haven't come and got me yet so I decided just to stay in bed. I look over and see the remote to the T.V and grab it and see that those Dum dum put a parental Lock on it so I could Only watch cartoons and little kid shows. Why would they do such a silly thing I am a Big girl.Im going through the T.v and see My little Pony is ON YAY! I turn it on and I see that pinkie pie is Making cake with her friends. I look over and see that Bee and Bunny just have odd black collars. Who would do such a thing? They need pink sparkly ones . I slowly take them off of them so i Don't wake the little babys up.I get up and sit down at my tea party table and grab glitter pens and markers and start to write their names down on the collores BRight Yellow for Bee and Hot PInk for bunny. After I finish making them I go over and put it back on them. They LOOK SO CUTE.

I decided I was going to initiate them,So of course my only option is to HAve a Tea party. I go down stairs and my daddies are still working Jezz how have they not heard me at this point. I wonder if they need hearing aids.I walk into the kitchen with a tea pot and pour some apple juice Into it because if my daddies found out i used a stove without them hear they might kill me, so apple juice will have to do.I grab some shortbread cookies on the way back to my room. I set everything up for the tea party. I get all of us some tiara so we All can be princesses. I get the doggys to come sit down in there spots and i Give them dog treat not the cookies the cookies are for me i don't want to get them sick.We all sit down and start to talk about are day and how rood daddy was too Bee and how They didn't EVEN tell me about bunny how rood of them.

All of a sudden BOTH of my daddies come in with a shocked look on there face once they see all three of us sipping on are apple juice like the ladies and gentlemen we are.

" WHY JUst why?" Lucas asks me

" Because We woke up and we wanted to have a tea party. Now we have business to attend to." I say as I wave My hands towards the door.

" We what do you mean we Did they sleep IN the Bed with you?!" Daxs ask

" Well yeah there doggy house are softened enough for them and I got lonely"

" I'm shocked they let you did all this to them maybe Its okay for them to stay with her" Lucas says

" Yeah maybe" Daxs says

" Is the glitter on their collars?"Lucas Ask

" You can't prove That was me, it could have Been ANYONE. Bunny could have done it all I know is that i'm innocent" I say as i wave my hands in the arm

They both just laugh at me.Gosh i love it when my daddies Smile they have such a pretty smile.

My daddies???


HEllO you beautiful People. How is your day going.Well i hope its going good. I'm going crazy Homework For me right now because I'm doing Online. It sucks. I can't get anything done and when I do it is never enough. I wake Up early but I end up falling asleep and my mother gets angry. It's just a mess. This is my only escape. Well on that note I hope you enjoyed the Book also I hope i spelled everything OKay if Not I'm sorry about that I'm trying. But HAve wonderful Day/Night


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