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TRIGGER WARNING: -Mentions of death and dying-

5 Hours into Sarah's surgery-


Her head had taken so much damage along with her chest and heart. One of her legs was broken and her face completed bruised and swollen. You could not tell it was Sarah. "We need a plan, she can't be just on this table for so long and her vitals are not looking good," I said as Dr.Min was operating on her brain. "Just let me finish then we will leave her alone and see how she does overnight, while we come up with a different strategy," he said as he continued to operate. "Well, we better work fast yoongi..." Dr.Jung said as he was trying his best to fix any severe heart damage. After ten minutes, I notice that slowly the vitals were becoming worse. "Okey lets, stop here, is that okay?" I asked both of them. "No, just need to tie this and I'm done give me a minute." Dr. Min said. "Well, we don't have a minute dr. min" I said as I continued to monitor the vitals. He continued working anyway and soon her monitor began to beep faster. "Dr. Min," I said. He ignored me and continued. "She's crashing, quickly get the paddles put it to 200," I said and one of the nurses handled the paddles. "WAIT." Dr. Min said. Then he finished and stood back and nodded his head. "clear," I said and we waited, she was back stable. "Let's keep her overnight and see if she makes it through the night," I said to the nurses and they soon began to take her to the ICU.

While Dr.Min and Dr.Jung had came, I decided to page Taehyung, in case we needed an extra set of hands. I went to the ICU and saw mina sitting beside Sarah along with three other interns. I went in to go check up on Sarah and the interns. "How has she been doing mina?" I asked as I went to monitor her vital and see up close. "She is stable at time she has worried us but... I don't know." mina said as she wiped her tears. "We've been best friends for about 10 years. She's like a sister to me. I don't know what I would do without her." "She will be okay, don't worry." said one of the male interns. "I'm sorry we didn't introduce ourselves. I'm Jackson, That is Taemin, and that is Steven," he said. "I wish I could've got to know you all in a better situation, I'm Dr. F/N L/N, I'm one of the doctors on this case and I'll try my best to do everything I can. If you see something strange or she begins to crash page me and we will get her back to surgery." They nodded and I walked out. I saw Taehyung waiting for me there. "You paged?" he said and I told him the situation and he was shocked and then we went to meet Dr.Min and Dr.Jung.

Once we arrived at the conference room, Dr. Min and Dr.Jung had both been looking at scans and discussing what to do next. "I think while you fix the damage surrounding the heart, I will close up the skull and Dr. L/N can help where needed. Dr. Kim, you can fix the leg and stitch up anything that needs to be closed." Dr.Min said. I nodded and we all agreed. "Do you happen to know if they caught the person who hit her ?" I questioned. "I am not sure, Dr. L/N, but-" I was caught off by an emergency page from the emergency room. I looked at it as Taehyung got one too. We both ran to the ER.

I got to the E.R. and saw the paramedics with a man in a stretcher. I put on my gown and went to the paramedics. "we have a 35-year-old male who lost control of his vehicle at 80 mph. He has been complaining about neck pain and back pain. Earlier he did hit a pedestrian but took off which is why we have a police officer here with him and he is not to be uncuffed for anything." The paramedic explained. I looked and Taehyung and he looked at me. We didn't how to react. we then got back to our senses and began to check everything and gave him a CT scan. As we awaited the CT scan we got a page from Dr.Min. "Nurse! Please keep an eye on him, I have to go but please make sure he doesn't leave and don't uncuff him." I told her and she nodded. "Thank you," I said and told Taehyung we had to go. I checked the ICU and Sarah was no longer there anymore so that told me that she was in surgery.

We got to the OR and scrubbed in quickly. "What happened?" I said as I got in and put on all of my gear. "Her vitals changed significantly and we needed to operate right away. Dr. L/N help Dr.Jung." Dr.Min said as he was reducing brain swelling. "Here Y/N please get the suction and clamps. Taehyung began fixing her leg so after you can help me here." Dr.Jung said as he continued to work. 2 Hours into the surgery and we were making progress. Taehyung had just finished and began to help Dr.Jung. "Actually Taehyung, help me here, this brain swelling is becoming difficult." Dr.Min said and Taehyung help Dr.Min with what he needed. 5 Hours in and nothing had changed. Hoseok was halfway done when she crashed again. "y/n suction and Nurse, please paddles to 200", Dr. Jung said as he did everything he could. "Clear," he said and waited. Nothing happened and quickly did it again but higher voltage. Nothing... As Taehyung was helping her breathe, Hoseok tried one more time... we waited..... Nothing... "Call it Dr.L/N," Dr.Min said. They all stood there looking at me and I stood there in shock. I took a deep breath, as a tear rolled down my face, and then said

" ...Time of death... 13:42"

------end of 05-----

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