Chapter Twenty-one

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Days in Hotel - 1

The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene. And fall on the bed, where Yibo and Zhan was sleeping peacefully, through the window. Yibo blinked few times and tried to move but, he couldn't beside he felt his Zhan is holding his hand and Zhan's leg is in between his legs.

__Wang Yibo's POV__

Here we go. Octopus. He l can't even move. How come someone have this bad sleeping habits? His holdings are so tight, if I use force, he will wake up, which I don't want. He looks good while sleeping, otherwise always whenever I looked at him, what is he doing? What else?? Jumping around everywhere. A bunnyoctupus.

I can't believe, I got married with him. Also, I even kissed him. Oh God. It wasn't a deep kiss but, he test sweet. Eh... What the heck I'm thinking? Oh God!! I'm going crazy being with this crazy guy.


Who is calling in this morning. I can't even move. Where is my phone. Oh God!! Help me.

Oh Thank God!! I got it. It was in side table.

I looked on the screen. It was mom,

"Hello, mom." I said softly making sure, my voice won't disturb that bunnyoctupus.

"Why are you whispering?!" Mom asked from another side of phone.

"Mom, Zhan is sleeping. I will call you later. I have something to tell you." I said

"Mnn, okay. I also want to talk Zhan. So, after he wakes up call me." Mom said.

"If you want to talk with him then, why you called me?!" I asked

"I called him earlier but, his phone is switched off that's why I called you." Mom said and Jackson was laughing on mom's side. Which I can hear clearly.

"Mom, bye." I said and cut the call.

I can't believe, she is my mom. She didn't even ask how I'm doing. What she cares is Zhan. What he did to them.

"Hey, wake up. Let me move." I shouted but Zhan,  was sleeping peacefully. 

"He is not gonna wake up. But, I want to go washroom. Wake up." I shouted again.

Still he didn't get up. Oh God!! What should I do now?

I moved my one hand and tried to move him aside.  But, it's for no use. I move his one hand he again hold me with another one. I moved his legs, he use his another one. All this days, I was thinking if human would have three/ fours hand and legs. It would be so beneficial but now, at this moment, I'm thinking it would be so good if human wouldn't have hands or legs.

"Xiao Zhan get up. I didn't want to make you wake up but,I have nothing to do right now. I have to go washroom. Bye!" I said using my strength I stood in one go in bed and run to washroom.

__Author's POV__

After few minutes, Yibo finally went out from washroom finishing his morning routine. And looked at bed, Zhan was still sleeping.

Now he is sleeping like a frog.

"Are you even serious? How come a person sleep like this? " Yibo said and sat on the bed.

"He was the one, who told me last night, don't fo anything mischief. Are you fucking kidding with me? You did octopus things to me. No, I can't be here three fucking days with him. After going home, I will send him to sleep in guest room." Yibo said himself and took his phone from beside him and dialed his mom's number.

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