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It had been a week and Leah grew annoyed at Sebastian. He'd said he would call yet he hadn't so after a few cups of Glenfiddich which was probably both Leah's and Klaus favourite whiskey, from 1937.

Once she felt a little tipsy she decided she was going to make her way to Sebastians penthouse her eyes wet.  Knocking his door she waited for him to open yet he hadn't.


"Hey, what's wrong?" He spoke opening his door shirtless.

The second he saw Leah her face wet and eyes puffy he looked taken back but walked out closing the door behind him. She only watched him her eyes wide looking up at him.

"You haven't called me and I've been waiting, just break up with me if you want, don't ignore me I've been waiting for you-"

"Leah I am not-" he started as he hugged her as his front door opened.

Cassandra walked out the door with just her robe and Leah looked at him without his shirt and looked back at Cassandra. 

"What is she doing here?" The woman spoke watching Leah with distaste and Leah only narrowed her eyes at her.

"I should be asking you that, I'm his girlfriend, who the hell are you?" She spoke rather angry at the woman walking closer to Sebastian.

"I'm his fiancé," she spoke with a smirk and Leah's head snapped to his direction.

"Leah I can ex-"

"YOU DONT EVEN HAVE AN EXCUSE! We're done," she spoke speeding away from him annoyed.

As she reached her home Niklaus was stood making his way from the kitchen a bottle on his lips as he drank it sighing.  Walking up the stairs he noticed her walk in annoyed and slightly drunk as she flopped onto the steps.

"What's wrong?" He spoke and she looked up to him putting her hand out for the bottle of scotch in his hands, which he handed to her. "How much have you drank?"

"About four bottles, maybe six," she spoke shrugging and he sighed.

"Where did you go?"

"I broke up with Sebastian, he has a fiancé now."

"Well he's an idiot for letting you go, but it's his loss," he spoke alcohol heavy on his breath.

"I'm hungry let's eat," she spoke almost falling as she stood to her feet but he grabbed her hand laughing as did she.

They say on the table as their both ate and still drinking leah was probably on her eighth bottle and Klaus was definitely on his eleventh. They both sat on the table with a small smile as they ate and laughed. Everyone was probably asleep since it was really late but the two couldn't stop laughing at the littlest things.

"Did you steal my shoe?" Leah asked klaus who looked at her feet and laughed lightly.

"Where's your shoe?" He spoke confused and she looked at him confused.

"You took my shoe!"

"I didn't take your shoe!" He argued and she sighed walking out the kitchen and noticing her shoe was on the steps.

"I found my shoe," she laughed with grin and he laughed.

"Can we watch some tv?" Leah asked klaus and he nodded with smile smile.

The two sat on the the couch and watched tv. Leah turned on friends, she'd always loved that show. Ever since she'd met the actors at the first red carpet. She watched closely as Ross and Rachel where breaking up. Her eyes grew watery and she grew panicked watching the tv. Klaus watched her as she watched the tv intently. Smiling lightly at her, tears began pooling out her eyes. Klaus watched her worried but he smiled at once again.

"Why are you crying?" He asked worried and she watched him crying even more.

"Sebastian, Sebastians getting married and he didn't even tell me," she said chocking on her sobs and he only wiped her eyes with his thumb and shushing her.

"It's his loss, my love I mean look at you, you're so beautiful," he spoke his breath reeking of alcohol.

"And you Mr Mikaelson are very handsome," she spoke moving closer touching his chest, her hand moving to his thigh.

"Do you know sometimes when I see you, and I want your hands all over my body," she said whispering and he watched he watched her gulping nervously. "Every single part."

"My love, you-"

"Nik, I want your mouth on every inch of me, I miss how you feel in me," she spoke her voice low and close to his ear as he watched her nervously.

"Leah, we should-"

"Don't you ever imagine, what it would feel like if you had your body pushed up onto mine, your hands all over my-"

"Leah you're walking on thin ice, we can't go back after we've done it."

" Mm ice, do you remember the time you licked ice-"

Leah knew the affect she had on him and she loved it. The way her hand moved up and down his thigh she knew he felt sexually attracted to her and she'd loved it. She wouldn't ever tell anyone but she felt it too, she always had. He'd made her happy and she loved it when he'd take her to bed. He always made her feel as if she'd fall in love over and over again but by treating her body right.

"My love, this is going-"

"What's the Problem, I mean technically we are husband and wife so we can have all the fun we want," she spoke her finger moving under his chest and touching his abdomen.

"The problem is, if I kiss you I know I won't be able to stop," He said his voice husky and his heart racing.

"Who said you'll have to stop, you can keep going," she spoke her mouth moving closer to his ear as she kissed him below his ear.

"Nik do you remember the things my tongue can do with," she spoke touching his very hard groin. "This."

"You drive me crazy," Klaus spoke under his breath and she smirked noticing his erratic breath.

"What do you say Nik?" She spoke asking him her breath on his lips.

"Leah I really won't be able to stop, the second I kiss you, I can't, I won't be able to," he spoke stopping himself and she just moved closer of it was possible.

"I already told you, we're not going to stop," she said and he kissed her hungrily.

She kissed him back the equal amount of hunger and she smiled as he kissed her neck. Levelling his head back towards hers she kissed him again. Seconds later she was pulling his shirt off and her his. He unhooked her bra her breast bouncing freely and perky. Moving his mouth lower and lower she moaned in ecstasy. He admired her body hated how her pants where still on, as where his. He only grabbed her legs and she jumped wrapping her legs around his naked torso. As he kissed her once again he quickly sped the both of them to the room he was staying in.

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