The Invitation

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Today I didn't feel like degrading myself more than necessary. I just didn't want to apologize for something I am being forced to do. Even slaves like me need time to just breathe and be themselves. And did she really have to ruin the happy thought and bubbles that I was creating in my head?

I know it is impossible for me to be part of whatever it is they have going on, but I didn't want anyone to come and ruin this moment that was actually making me feel something other than misery. So yeah, there is no way I am going to apologize to her. She can do whatever she wants but she is not going to get an apology from me.

I didn't see the punch coming. It smoothly connected to my gut making me tumble down holding my nonexistent six-pack. I could feel a lot of stuff in my stomach getting mixed up. I really wanted to fight back, but I knew perfectly well that it was begging for death and I am not ready to die. I have not lived a life that is independent and my own so I can't die. I promised my mother that I would live until old age so I have to keep going.

She rolled her eyes. "This is all you amount to."

"Ow, that was sick!" yelled someone while the others who are watching started to laugh. After which she kicked me in the stomach and said, "Your lucky I have important matters to attend to than teach a trash a lesson." And walked away laughing.

All of them must have really been busy since everyone got back to their work immediately. They completely ignored me as if I am not lying on the floor grounding with the pain while pitifully holding my stomach. I guess it is better than them just standing there laughing and making fun of me. I can never get over how embarrassing it is every time I get bit up in public.

I want to fight back but at the same time, I can't since I promised my mother I will stay alive, that I will keep on living. If I fight it will obviously be to death and the one who is going to die is going to be me.

"Have a little confidence Diana?" I  say to myself which comes out as more of a question. But I know it is going to take a whole lot of change and self-improvement before confidence is able to grace me with its presence. I wish I knew what it would be like to be able to defend yourself.

Before my father run away I was planning to enroll to become a warrior. I and studying didn't really have a good relationship. Me and sleep on the other hand are still buddies but sleep used to uninvitedly interrupt my friendship with my books. So whenever sleep came, test books just become monsters chasing me in my nightmare.

"How I wish to go back to those days," I mumble to myself. Groaning I get up from the floor. She has a mean kick and punch I must give her that. Two of my now probably broken ribs can testify.

I force myself to walk swiftly and get to the supply room. I get everything I need and want from there and return to the pack prison without looking at anyone. The pain around my rib cage and abdominal area keep on pulsing as I resume to scrub the blood on the floor from one of the prison cells. My stomach grumbles but I know for sure I am not getting food today.

I didn't get to eat for two days now and it feels like my stomach is eating itself because it hurts. It is a known fact in the wolf community that wolfs that are about to be of age eat more than usual. I will be of age in a month which means I will be 18 years old and more than anything I am excited to meet my wolf.

I do want to meet my mate of course, why would I not want to meet my other half but I am scared because he might reject me. Now, what would I do if he actually rejects me? I don't know and I don't want to even think about it.

"Evil thought, live my mind right now!" I command and look left and right to make sure nobody heard. I don't want people to add crazy to the list of names they call me.

I mean, I rarely get to talk to other people and when I do it is not really a conversation so of course my best friend, advisor, teacher, guardian whatever it is that I need at that particular moment is different sides of myself. Well, that is how it will have to continue to be until I meet my wolf anyway.

I get out and go to my house to wash myself up and change into the nicest cloth that I have. I was surprised when I received an unofficial invitation to be at the celebration. I thought they will make me wash the dishes like usual. The omega who came and told me this also instructed me to wear nicely per the Alphas instruction.

I was so happy.  Maybe they finally found out that my father did not betray the pack and want to reinstall me to my position as an omega. The fact that I will be associating with other people the whole day made me happy. I am too deprived of the personal connections that people need.

I get there and greet aunty Clara who is the Omega in charge of assigning jobs to omegas on celebration days. She ignores me and continues to give orders to the other Omegas around who scowl at me.

She finally turns in my direction and says, "Drop that smile." Which immediately makes me hide my smile and innocently look at her.

"You will be assisting with arranging the chair, taking away dirty dishes, and whatever it is the others ask you to do. Make sure to assist everyone that needs assistance." She says sternly and strides away without looking back. When I was much younger I used to want to become like her and my mom because they carried themself with such dignity that I was in awe.

I do as I was told happy to be able to work in the clean fresh air. I love nature it just brings me joy just by looking at it and when I am with it I can't contain the happy tingles that I feel in my fingers. I smile at everyone even-though nobody is reciprocating my smile.

I look like a fool smiling from ear to ear while arranging the chairs and taking orders from the other wolves "but it's okay am a fool for nature," I say and laugh at myself on the inside. I couldn't help feeling happy when I am surrounded by people and nature and not walls or dirty dishes.

Only an hour left for the Alpha and Luna and whoever they invited to come. The garden looks pretty, much cleaner, and eye-catching than any other time.  The chairs for the high authority having wolves neatly arranged. In the middle of the garden stands a glass podium that I had to carry there.

Behind it, I see four chairs more flasher and bigger. One of them being bigger than the rest. That must obviously be the alphas. Then it is probably the Luna's and for Beta and his mate. I don't really know why Beta Alex and his mate have to be seated there but well it is what it is.

"OMG, can you believe that we are actually going to be able to see him this close?" Shrieks the brunette warrior who is talking with her friends.

"I know right? Imagine being his mate?" The blond one squeals.

"Yes!" Said the blond with a giggle the other girls giggle accompanying hers.

"What are they talking about? Is somebody coming to visit or something?" I ask myself.

I couldn't stop my legs as they took a step closer to the group of girls. How I wish to have friends to spend time with, to share secrets, and get excited with. Sorry, but I grew up an omega meaning the main entertainment in our lives are the dramas that happen in the pack that we get to hear, and let's just say I love drama when it doesn't involve me.

I was hoping to get some tea about whatever they were talking about but I didn't get to hear much after that since the girl with black hair gave me aside eyes and said, "Let's go somewhere else. We don't what to be anywhere a fly is roaming around do we?" They all turned to look at me with a disgusted look before walking in the direction of the training room.

"What?" I say to the empty space they have now evacuated from. "I think I cleaned up good today," I say while raising my right eyebrow and rubbing my hand down to smooth out my knee-length black skirt.

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