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Gulping the white haired boy looked at the building in front of him. This was the address he had received for the babysitting job. He wasn't expecting a full on corporate building.

However the pay for the job was a little much as well. Nervously fixing his hoodie the boy walked into the building. While everyone there wore luxurious suits and dresses he was here in a gray hoodie with a pink sweater shirt on top. Slowly he made his way to the front desk clearing his throat and catching the attention of the lady in a black dress. "E-excuse me I'm here for a meeting with Mr. Hwang for a babysitting job." He said shyly.

The lady nodded and looked at her computer typing, before turning toward Jeongin and smiling. "His Personal assistant Mrs. Lee will meet you on the 16th floor." She said with a smile. Jeongin nodded and headed toward the nearest elevator. He waited till people got off before getting in and pressing for the 16th floor.

Nervously he messed with his ear, a habit he had when he was bothered or didn't like something. "You got this Jeongin just breath." He mumbled to himself as the elevator stopped. He took a deep breath as the doors opened. He stepped out his eyes locking with a fairly young woman in a white top and grey slacks.  "You must be Yang Jeongin." She said with a smile. "I'm Lee Younghee. Please follow me if you would." She said before turning and heading toward an office. She opened the door letting Jeongin in.

"Take a seat." She said as she grabbed a clipboard off the table. Nervously he sat down fiddling with his sweater. "So..do you have any experience with babysitting at all?" She asked with a raised brow.

"I worked with volunteer work at some daycares." He said softly. She hummed and nodded before crossing something out on the clipboard. "20 years old an Omega?" She said as she read of the paper on the board. Jeongin nodded along waiting for her to say something while his nervousness pricked at him. "How avaliable are you?" She asked.

"Everyday of the week I have work on Saturdays." She nodded before writing something down. "And how do you feel about moving in?" She asked earning a confused look from Jeongin. "E-excuse me?" He said not quite understanding the question. "Living with the family." She said looking up at Jeongin who flushed a little. "Oh, I uh don't really have a preference." He mumbled. She nodded and wrote some more things down. "And school transportation?"

"I can do that." He said as he looked at her. She nodded and checked something off again. She gave a smile before standing up. "Thank you for coming Mr. Yang. We'll notify you if you receive the job."

Giving a nod Jeongin stood up and bowed thanking her for the time before exiting the room. He headed back to the elevator, sighing as he pressed for the lobby. He was looking for a job for awhile now since he desperately needed to pay rent. His friends had been helping out with finding a job since he rejected the money they tried to give him to pay rent finally it had payed off when he managed to find a job for babysitting.

Now he hoped he would get the job. The elevator gave a ding before the doors opened. Sighing he stepped out of the elevator and made his way out of the building.

It was a start.


"A babysitter?" The light haired brunette male asked as he sat down.

"I can't watch him while I'm working and I obviously can't leave him with anyone for any longer than two minutes before he manages to run off." The long blonde haired male said as he looked at the papers on his desk. "How many people are actually willing for the job?" The male asked.

"I've gotten 67 so far, however most of them are just looking to get close to me." He mumbled as he put away the file.

"You should spend more time with him after all he doesn't have a motherly figure to turn to." Minho said making Hyunjin sigh in response. "We both know it's the reason he acts up. He's a kid Hyunjin he needs someone to be there for him." Minho said as he leaned back in the seat. It was true, ever since Hyunjin had been spending less time with his son more calls from school had came in and there was a constant worry that his son would run off again and get lost.

Minho grabbed the files off his desk going through the candidates. "There all Beta's or Alphas." He muttered as he looked over the files.

"I told you I don't like omega's." He mumbled earning a sarcastically hum from Minho. He simply set the files down and grabbed the omega ones before looking through. Of course Hyunjin was right most of them had no experience and were just trying to get close. He kept going through till a certain application caught his attention.

A photo of a white haired boy with a peace sign was attached to the paper with a clip. He looked over the boy's information before setting the papers down. "Maybe you should consider having an Omega there good with kids and plus you might just find someone." Minho said as he gave a wink before heading out of the room earning a scoff from Hyunjin who rolled his eyes.

He looked at the files of only omega's and sighed before tossing the papers in the trash. 

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