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Siah Amari Miller🌅
Harlem, New York.

closing the door behind me Q stacked up his money putting it in rubber bands.

"I need you to leave with Bakari, don't bring anyone with you," he told me sipping his alcohol

I squinted my eyes at him getting pissed up

It was true. Bakari and I knew each other before I met Dimoni. the plan was to get close to her and act like I didn't know him.

it worked for the most part, 6 months had passed. I was in a relationship with his sister and everything was starting to turn.

even had sex with her. told her I love her.

I do, but business is business.

as for Tylil well shit I don't know. he just made the process for me way easier

I haven't told him yet and I don't plan on it. shit will just fall into place

I hope.

"the fuck ima do with my family Q?" I sat up

"leave them. don't forget you killed Pierre,"

"you and your little friend. killed her for some bitch," he added on laughing

"watch your mouth,"

I got up and left out the room slamming the door

Bakari was standing out there smoking a blunt

"so where does this leave us Siah?" he asked leaning on the wall

"no where. I'm going back home,"

"you got 2 days. stay safe son son,"

"you soon gotta break it to my sister, she not stupid nigga,"

I stood there watching him leave so i could go my own way

Dimoni Walker🌉
Harlem, New York

"fuck," I hissed moving the dresser around in my room

I decided to clean up and change my room around since I've been home. mainly to keep Siah off my mind not that I really cared.

Zahnay and Tylil would be on there way over soon to help out. I told Tylil that she could stay with me, only if he let her.

sucking the blood from my finger I stood to the side letting my father push it up against the next wall

"thank you," I said silently not looking at him

he took ahold of my hand with a wet rag dapping it up

"looks deep, I'll go get you a bandaid," he told me walking away

I wasn't even sure where Bakari was, it's been a couple of days since I last seen him either

it was getting weird

coming back into the room he held up a box of bandaids tossing it on the dresser. he took one out unwrapping it then putting it on my finger.

before he could say something the door was being knocked on

"could you let them in?" I asked him

as he went out I look at my hair in the mirror seeing the Meeks in my hair. I had took out my lace.

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