Chapter Twenty-two

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Days In Hotel - 2

"Oy, coldy.... Come here!!" Zhan called standing on the bed.

Yibo didn't respond.

"Oiiii!!" Zhan shouted.

"What??! Why are you screaming like a cow?!" Yibo shouted back.

"Eh... Cow can scream? I didn't know. Whatever.. come over here.. I need your help." Zhan said.

"What's wrong?" Yibo asked placing his phone on table.

"Yeah. Come, have a sit here." Zhan said

Yibo sat on the bed and asked, "now spit it out.. can you?!"

"Yeah. I'm choosing few clothes on online. Help me to chose for Xuan." Zhan said showing him the clothes.

"Online shopping? Where they will deliver?" Yibo asked.

"Here of course." Zhan replied.

"Oh! Then when they will deliver ?" Yibo asked.

"Within one week." Zhan replied smiling.

"See, how idiot you are. We will check out after the day tomorrow. And, you are ordering online?? Hah?" Yibo said with pissed off face.

Zhan thought sometime and smack his head,

"Shit! Hehehe" Zhan laughed awkwardly.

"But, I want to shop for everyone." Zhan said pouting his lips.

"Don't have to." Yibo replied.

"I want to.." Zhan said pouting his lips.

"Why you have to? You can do shopping after we back home." Yibo said

Hearing Yibo, Zhan stood on the bed again and shout,

"I want to do it from here."

"Shut up. Why you are screaming like lunatic?" Yibo shouted back.

"You are also shouting.... So, basically you are also a lunatic. Or should I say a cow.. " Zhan said mocking Yibo and started laughing.

"Shut your mouth. Idiot." Yibo said and walk to his phone.

"You shut up!! Shut up! Shut up! Shuuuuttttt uppp!!!!" Zhan screamed closing his eyes.

Yibo got pissed off by Zhan's screaming. He pulled Zhan from the bed grasping his hand, throwing his phone on couch.

"I said shut up. Don't scream like this." Yibo shouted with a blood shoot eyes.

Seeing Yibo's reaction, Zhan shivered. He didn't thought, Yibo will react like this.

"Once I said you to shut up. Why you were shouting like this. We are in a hotel not in our house that, you can do whatever, you want to. Behave yourself.  Uncle didn't teach you, how to behave where?" Yibo said gripe Zhan's arm with loud pressure and looking into his eyes.

Zhan's eyes filled with tears. "You are hurting me." He said trying to be free from Yibo's grip.

"Ahh..Yibo, it's hurting. Leave me. You are hurting me." Zhan said when, tears fall down from his ashen cheeks.

Seeing Zhan's tears, Yibo get back his sense and loosen his grip.

Zhan pushed Yibo and run out from the room grasping his phone from bed. Tears were dropping from his eyes.

"Where are you going?" Yibo asked but, before that Zhan run out from the room.

"Shit!! My this temper is.. Fuck!! Where he gone..." Yibo said and picked his phone from the couch.

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