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Leah sat on the couch her daughters head in her lap with a small smile on her face. Months flew by and she had not heard a thing from Sebastian and secretly she hadn't wanted to. Nik and her had been hooking up more times than anyone could count. They'd both slip away randomly and be back a while later without anyone watching. She couldn't lie she truly loved it, she felt as if they where upping again.

"Mom look," Joy said laughing showing her mother her something funny on YouTube and she only laughed.

"Joy, can we talk please?" Klaus spoke his voice coming from the doorway and Joy sat up glaring at him.

"I'll leave you guys," Leah spoke walking out giving her daughter a reassuring smile.

She stood in the hall listening to both Klaus and ahoy hoping they would somewhat get along.

"Joy I just want you to listen to me for once and I want you to see and know how sorry I truly am," he spoke clearing his throat and Leah peered in watching the two, Joy only watched him as he sat beside her. "I've been a terrible father to you for the past seventeen years, and I've been a terrible husband to your mother, but I want you to know, that I truly do love you with my whole heart, and I haven't stopped thinking about you your whole life I know I was stupid for letting you and your mother leave that night, but Joy I don't regret letting you and your mother leave, because you've become such a beautiful strong woman and I wouldn't have made you into that, your mother did and I'm so thankful you're like her and not me, but I do regret not coming for the both of you sooner, I wish I could turn back time and if I could I would, I wish I where there for you when you where a little girl, Joy you mean everything to me and I want nothing more than to make you happy, if you want me to leave I will leave right now and I won't be in your life if that's what you want, but I truly do hope you allow me to be in your life, it would honestly be a great honour."

Joy only watched him almost contemplating whether she should or shouldn't. Almost as if she was having a mental battle with herself. He only watched her with a look of Hope on his face. She only watched him examining him carefully and suspiciously.

"I forgive you," she spoke and he watched her wide eyed and surprised.

"You do?" He asked confused and she nodded. "Why?"

"Because it's been months and you didn't give up on mom or me, and because I deserve to be happy and I want a father in my life."

"I love you Joy, I'm so sorry," he spoke wrapping  his arms around her and she stiffened before hugging him back.

"Mom we know you're outside the room we can smell you," Joy spoke and Leah laughed awkwardly. "Dad?"

"Yes darling?"

"Does this mean you and mom will get back together?" She spoke her heading moving from between the two.

"We have a lot to talk about," leah spoke as klaus spoke at the same time.


"Nik we have a lot to talk about," Leah spoke and he sighed with a nod.

"We have a lot to talk about yet," he spoke looking at his daughter who nodded walking out the room. "We should talk then."

"Take your clothes off," she spoke jumping into his lap as she pulled of her shirt.


"Take your shirt off," she spoke as he crashed his lips into hers. "Wait, we should go upstairs, Hope and Joy could walk in," she said and he nodded as he grabbed her speeding up the stairs.

"Nik god," She moaned as he kissed her neck and she felt him smirk against her skin.

"My love, I told you I'm not god."

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