~Chapter 6~

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The next day Marinette awoke with a satisfied smile. The body of the blonde next to her warmed her skin and she smiled, loving the feeling.

She knew that the boy lying next to her wasn't the superhero clad in leather. Well... Not literally. It was his civilian self.

His hands held her securely around the waist and his soft breath tickled her skin.

She leaned in closer to him savoring his warmth. She wasn't going to wake him up anytime soon. She loved his closeness too much.

But sadly for the bluenette, the blonde let out a groan and yawned. He had awoken.

She pretended to be asleep, but apparently, he had already noticed that she was awake. "Goodmorning, Princess." He said, softly kissed her neck.

"Goodmorning, Kitty." She softly grabbed his hand and held it.

"They're soft," Marinette whispered, softly caressing both his hands.

She felt him smile against her neck. "Why thank you, princess."

"Can you look what time it is?", she asked the boy. She didn't want to risk opening her eyes and accidentally finding out who he really was.

"10 am."

"We should get up now." She said, a tint of sadness in her voice.

"Yeah..." Adrien replied before calling his transformation.

Leather replaced his tender skin and Marinette had to admit that she was a little bit disappointed. She missed his warmth.

She turned around and ruffled his blonde hair. "Good to see you again, Kitty."

The black cat grinned. "Likewise, princess. So..." He looked away from her, hesitating if he should bring up the subject or not.

The bluenette put a finger against his lips, shushing him. "We'll talk about it after breakfast."

Chat nodded in agreement and got up, making room for her to get out of bed.

She jumped off and almost tumbled over. Luckily, thanks to Chat's cat-like reflexes, she didn't, and she smiled gratefully at him.

"Now, my Kitty", she said, flicking his bell, "could you please turn around while I get dressed?"

He quickly nodded, not wanting to make her uneasy, and turned around.

Little did they both know, that Chat would be able to see everything through the mirror.

Marinette walked towards her closet and grabbed something comfy. She wasn't going anywhere today and didn't want to dress up.

She settled on pink yoga leggings and a white crop top.

She threw her shirt over her head. Cat Noir saw some movement in the mirror and glanced at it. He saw Marinette shirtless, only covered by a bra.

A blush covered his face and he quickly looked away. He wasn't a pervert...

It did really turn him on, but luckily he managed to contain himself.

A few seconds later Marinette tapped his shoulder, letting him know that she was done. He turned around, his face still slightly red. Luckily the bluenette didn't notice, and grabbed his hand, pulling him downstairs.

Once they arrived, nobody was there.

Marinette turned towards Chat. "They must both be in the shop. I'll go get them." She leaned forward and her lips softly brushed his cheek. "I'll be right back."

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