Chapter Six

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Tasha's Pov
"Alright let's go over it all again, one more time, the wedding is in a few days, and I'm so freaking nervous babe." A small chuckle left my lips but I looked away from the notepad in my grip looking down at my lap where Illumi was resting his head in my lap, messing around with a rose in his grip.

You would think resting in the garden on top of the large hill wouldn't be too bad in the large estate. But if you add two hyper kids running around. And the entire large mansion being decorated left with white and black everything. Yeah headaches everywhere.

"Alright you said you want your mom walking you down, I don't mind that. Check, your sister wants to be the flower girl." I smiled softly when Illumi let such a soft hum out.

"It already sounds perfect." He tucks his hair away behind his ear.

"What else is left babe?" He asked me quietly. I flipped a page in the notebook. "Rings-" I didn't get to finish cause Killua had jumped so quickly into both me and Illumi loud groans of unison when we toppled over.

"I wanna bring the rings, come on Illumi let me do something." Illumi sat up instantly tying his hair up gazing at Killua.

"You wanna bring the rings Kill? Fine by me, less roles to give out. We are done mommy." He grins at me shutting his eyes seemed to sparkle so much a bit as he laid back on the grass.

"I really am gonna be married aren't I?" He questioned out loud. My free hand messed with my hair deeply ruffling it up.

"We really are aren't we? After all this time and almost killing people for it to be perfect, at least your dad doesn't hate me." I snickered Illumi shot his soft gaze to me.

"I think it's cause even though Illumi is sub, you'll still be having babies." Killua nonchalantly spoke placing his arms behind his head. I burst into laughter right away tossing my head back.

"There's that too." I spoke through my laughter. My body shaking so much fast with amusement.

"She's not just for babies though Killua I love her." Illumi whined out loudly.

"At least I know what sex is."


"Don't hit me mom! I'll stab you again."

I ended up laughing too much then I would have liked but Illumi just seemed to sigh heavily smacking his face. "I have such a strange family." He whispered his body shaking with laughter.

With a couple hectic days before the wedding. I never realized how much planning goes into a large wedding. It exhausted me and Illumi out.

But the night before the wedding you can tell we both were nervous since we both didn't exactly fall asleep right away.

Illumi was writing in his notebook, after tying all his hair up into a bun chewing at his pen, while I was mentally preparing myself for my own crazy family of travelers and all.

I looked away from the book I was reading but I perked up hearing Gon and Killua running down the hall fast.

Illumi also looked up a bit rolling his eyes playfully.

"When do you think Hisoka is gonna arrive baby?" I asked him gently watching him take a strand of his hair that fell from the messy bun twirling it around his finger.

"Early he learned about my cross dressing and wants to help with my makeup. I'm not surprised he wears a lot." I chuckled deeply but I then got up off the floor setting the book to the side.

I walked over to Illumi to hug his neck pressing soft gentle kisses across his pale cheeks, feeling him stroking at my hands. He seemed to instantly relax and all.

"What are your predictions for the wedding mommy?" He questioned softly flicking his eyes to me. A low hum left me but I chuckled softly.

"I think my mom will fight with someone, she can get kinda loud, possibly some crying. Oh and someone might die." A low laugh left Illumi.

"Oh no doubt someone will get killed, Milluki talks a lot of shit. " Illumi tilted his head back for me puckering his lips out which I then pressed a soft kiss right on his waiting lips.

"Hisoka might do something strange, but he means well. My dad is judgement but eh." I then blinked a few times.

"My older sister's can be terrible annoying, but hey at least will both look hot, your dress will be the star, my pants suit, and all that matters is you and me baby." He grinned he even more pressing more kisses to my lips.

"I'm not so nervous now. You do work magic babe." I just chuckled nuzzling his nose sweetly. "Everyone gets cold feet don't worry, at least will very some time away for the honeymoon." His soft chuckles filled my ears like music.

We both winced we when we heard the loudest crash and thump. "Ow!" I snickered but rubbed at Illumi's shoulders deeply.

"We should check on your brother and Gon before your mom murders someone." I whispers.

"Yeah I'm sure one of them has a concussion." He snickers sighing loudly. "I dislike kids to some levels." He stood up out his chair dragging me along with him out to the door both of us poking out heads out to see the largest mess ever my own eyes grew wide at the sight.

Illumi's large eyes seemed to grow even more and I saw him dip right back inside the room. He moved so quickly yanking me also back into the room leaving the two kids back in the hallway. The door slamming in the process as well.

"Never mind that's mom's favorite lamp set,  they can handle it."

"Illumi! Help your brother."

"If she gets mad he'll just stab her... He'll be fine, let's go to sleep."

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