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"Ok" I shouted at the car as he drove off with Marcel and Rebekah in the back waving at us.


We walked down the street, Klaus following close behind. He was talking with one of my hybrids, James.

I paused, hearing a cry in the distance, making the boy stop in their tracks. "What is that," I asked turning to Kol.

"I don't know" he responded slightly confused as to why I cared.

I took note that the cries sounded to be in distress and fear. Without thinking I vamp-sped into the nearby woods, towards the sound, dragging along Kol.

The two other boys followed before stopping seeing a vampire feeding off a woman, draining her of her blood.

She fell to the floor, but the cries carried on, They came from the nearby basket, next to a tree. The vampire who just attacked the woman crouched down, giving a hellish smirk at the basket.

Klaus moved forward to get a closer look at what I was looking at but accidentally made a twig snap under his foot.

Without much thought, I ran at the vampire whose attention was now on us and pushed him away from the basket, I pinned him down to the floor "What are you doing" I shouted in his face.

He tried to get out of my grip, but couldn't. "Go to hell" He spat at me, I chuckled,

"Where do you think I can from" I snarled back breaking a bit of wood nearby and shoving it in his chest multiple times.

James and Klaus stood horrified at the scene in front of them, as Kol just laughed at the multiple stab wounds in the vampire, I might have gotten a little out of hand.

I chucked the bit of stick aside and looked in the basket to see a young baby girl. I turned to Klaus who was now checking the woman's pulse. He sighed looking up at me and shaking his head. "Sorry, little Sister."

I let out a deep growl before turning back to the small baby still crying. Kol walked over as I crouched down and took the baby in my arms.

"What should we do with it miss Sophia," James asked picking up the basket and handing it to Klaus.

"Take her to an orphanage" Klaus suggested taking a not out of the basket. "says she two months old, she can get a good enough family so she won't remember"

"Leave her on a rich person doorstep" Kol shrugged "she will live a good life if she is rich"

"No" I paused looking at the three men "We take her in, obviously it is our fault her mother got attacked because he is one of our sires" Klaus was about to say something, but I began to rock her and walk around.

Feeling a hand on my shoulder, I turn becoming face-to-face with my older brother. "she must be hungry" Klaus said handing me a bottle of milk that was in the basket. I began to feed her making her fall asleep.

We quickly got out of the woods, heading home. Once we got there Kol pointed over to the living room drawing our attention to Rebekah and Marcel cuddling on the sofa, watching twilight.

"This is nothing like real life if we glowed we would not be that scary." Marcel wined before turning his attention towards the door where we stood.

"Hi, guys what took you so lo-" she paused taking a quick glance at us then turning back wide-eyed "Is that a baby?" she asked running over to us a human speed.

"OMG, it is a baby" she squealed "May I," she said gesturing towards the baby.

"I didn't know you were pregnant," Marcel said confused. I shook my head, handed over the baby to Rebekah, and explained how we found her in the woods.

"She is two months old and doesn't have a name, so her new mum will have to name her" Kol added to her story once I had finished.

"Who me?" I asked, a shocked face made its way on my face, he nodded and  I looked at the baby in Rebekah's arms.

"ermm" I thought for a moment "Serenity Mikaelson because she will bring peace to our family" I smiled.

"So, Hey Seren auntie Bex will be the best Auntie in the world" Rebekah says whilst tickling her stomach.

"We can go shopping tomorrow for baby supplies, for now, we will get one of the hybrids to get a cot (a crib for Americans) and baby food" Klaus announced turning to one of his hybrids.

She was only wearing a thin little white body bodysuit and was clutching onto a teddy that was in the basket.

We sent her on my bed as we waited for the hybrids to come back with a few clothes and cot. I was sitting next to her when Rebekah walked in phone in her hand.

"We must take a picture, first day memories" she smiled. I just shook my head and moved out of the way.

Serenity was asleep so it was not easy to move her around without making her wake up. We finally had the perfect picture and she looked so cute.

Rebekah sent it to me and I put it as my Lock Screen, she looked so cute clutching her bunny teddy.

The hybrids finally got back and we set up the basic things in the playroom, Klaus insisted on getting decorations tomorrow when we pick stuff out so I just agreed not wanting to start and argument

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The hybrids finally got back and we set up the basic things in the playroom, Klaus insisted on getting decorations tomorrow when we pick stuff out so I just agreed not wanting to start and argument.

She was sleeping silently in her cot, me and Rebekah called Caroline to come over and meet her niece.

We heard the front door open and in a few seconds She was at the door. A smile speed across her face "Yay I'm and Aunt, Hi little Serenity, I'm Aunti Caroline" she smiled.

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