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4 - Bang Bang ᴀ

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4 - Bang Bang ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

Second pov trying something new :)

You were currently at school getting ready for the schools race. If you were being honest... you weren't in the lease amount athletic, but you still had to do this stupid race. You were warning up with Tohru and her friends. Yuki was being fawned over by girl because of his legs. Kyo on the other hand was hissing at nothing in particular... Cute  you thought. It was finally time to start , the girls going first and the boys following not to far behind. As we were running, Tohru claimed to have seen an elderly person on the ground and rushed over to help them. You just followed like a lost puppy not wanting to run. When we reached the person it was a teenage boy with black and white hair. 

"Ahhh I thought you were hurt." Tohru told them. 

"Why would I be hurt?"

"I'm sorry I saw your hair and thought you might be an old person who fell-" And with that Tohru trips on air. She can be so clumsy some times.

"Hey, have you ever heard of the Sohma family?" He randomly ask.

"Uh! Are you a Sohma by any chance!?"

"Yea. You do know them?"

"Yes! I'm Tohru and this is y/n-"

"Hold on I think I can hear them" He starts setting up some string on either side of the road. We could hear Kyo's yelling getting closer with every second. Kyo came in are field of vision at full speed . Only to be stopped be the string set up earlier. His face meeting the ground.

"Are you okay? You kinda fell." You asked holding out a hand to help the poor boy up. 


"So you're here now? Everyone's came to visit but don't you have school?" Yuki asked the boy you assumed was Haru.

"Well, I left one Sunday the arrived at a place I'd didn't know. Some how there days past. It's a mystery." Haru said nonchalantly. 

"You were lost hun." You told him.

We could hear the rest of are class come up the hill, causing us to move. 

"L/n, Honda, this is Hatsuharu Sohma. He is a third year junior high student."

You raise your hand waiting to be called on like a five year old. "Yes y/n?" Yuki asked allowing you to Speak.

"I'm sorry... did you say junior high?" You asked in disbelief.


"I see. So God just has favorites huh?"

Ignoring y/n's state Yuki continued introducing you guys. 

"This is Tohru Honda and this is y/n l/n"

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Hatsuharu said bowing to us. Tohru started to freak out bowing uncontrollably. 

"What are you doing here anyways?" Kyo asked as you got comfy on a wall you were next to. 

"I'm here to fight you." Was Haru's reply. "I was going to fight you at New Years but to ditched." He continued.

"Hold on I'm in a race here."

"What? But I traveled three days for this"

"No you got lost."

"Let's fight."

"It's not happening, go home ."

"Not thanks."

"Leave me alo-" Before Kyo could finish his sentence, he got head budded by Haru , sending him to the ground.

"I'm not interested in your petty excuses. Now get up and prove to me you're a man kitty cat."  

"Damn brat." and with that, Kyo kicks Haru in the face.

Tohru was freaking out over them fighting, while Yuki explained who 'Dark Haru' was. Haru appears out of know where, cupping Yuki's face.

"Don't just stand there. Todays the day I make you mine."

"And do what with me?" Yuki was very much unfazed.

"Now stand up Kyo." Haru switched his attention back to Kyo.

"I'm already standing!" Kyo shouted back.

"I thought you had a spine but I guess you must have lost it."

"You are seriously messed up when you become dark Haru."

"Ouch that hurts. You beater hurry up and fight me before I make that girl mine." Haru smirks motioning towards your figure.

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Kyo asked, clearly getting agitated 

"Ya know, well spend some time getting to know each other. Doing a little of this a little of that."

"What are you even saying right now?"

They continued to fight as Tohru and Yuki talked and watched, when suddenly Yuki collapse. Haru rushed over and gave Yuki his Jacket. 

"Is he okay?" you asked

"Yea but we should take him to the estate just to be sure." Haru suggested. Yuki was quick to put that idea down. There was no way you guys could carry Yuki all the way back to there house. 

"Is there anything I can do to help? I kind of feel use lees just standing here." You told them.  Haru looked at you for a moment then answered you.

" You're lucky you're cute." Then he hugs you. 

"Idiot the curse dosent work on her. AND DONT GO AROUNG HUGING HER WITHOUT PERMISSION." Kyo came over and pushed you off Haru, moving you closer to him. The force made you coiled into his chess, causing you both to blush and away from each other.

Haru ended up hugging Tohru causing him to transform In to a cow. On your way to the house, you had a trail of kids following you. Kyo was hissing at the kids while you were swatting them away as if they were fly's. Once You guys finally made it home, Haru took Yuki to his room and put a wet rag on his head. Tohru and Haru continued to take care of Yuki as you just wandered. You saw Kyo siting in his room so you invited your self in. 

"Hey." You sat down next to Kyo giving him a mini heart attack. You GiGgleD and he just stared at you. You stared at him back getting lost in his gaze. You never truly got to realize how pretty his eyes were, how grumpy yet cute he always looks. A thought popped into your head. You wanted to ignore it and say it was false but you couldn't. All you could think was...

'Am I falling for Kyo?'


cliffhanger  ;)

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