Chapter 23-steamy shower

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Ember's eyes glided across the pages in her book for hours upon hours, while Fred pretended to read a book from her mini library.

Fred would flip through the pages every so often so it looked like he was reading when he was actually just wanting to stare at the girl he loved.

She seen his occasional flipping through the book and the steady stares that would be focused upon her. It was pretty obvious.

Ember was at the end of a chapter when she seen in the corner of her eye that Fred was staring at her chest.

She flipped the page, tucked the bookmark nicely into the crevice of the book and slammed it shut to look at him. The slam of the book caused Fred to flinch and shoot his gaze down back towards the pages.

Ember grinned, "You're very obvious, you know that?"

Fred furrowed his eyebrows, licked the tip of his finger and flipped to the next page, "No idea what you're talking about love"

"Right. Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination that I seen you staring at my chest in my peripheral vision then"

Fred nodded frantically with his lips twisted to the corner of his face, "Yeah, you always have had a crazy imagination darling"

She felt the pit of her stomach flutter at his words. She breathed in through her nose, shook the feelings out of her mentally and told herself that she cannot let herself be fooled back into his flirtatious trap.

Fred bookmarked the book randomly and looked up at the clock above the doorway, "It's getting late and you haven't ate anything. Want me to go down and get you a plate of food?"

Her whole body still felt numb. "No thanks. Not hungry"

Fred rolled his eyes, "Oh come on Em. You have to eat something"

Ember shook her head, "I said I'm not hungry"

He combed his fingers through his hair, "Not even a plate of fruit?"

She stood up and walked to the bathroom without a word and shut the door.

Fred stared as the door that closed behind her. "What the fuck", he whispered to himself.

He walked over to the shut door and put his forehead to it, "Blackwood"

Ember sat with her knees to her chest and her back against the door, "Weasley"

His fingers trailed down the grains of wood that were imprinted in the door, "I know you said you aren't hungry. But please eat something. For me?"

Ember traced the lines of tiles on the flooring, "I feel like if I eat something I'll just throw it back up"

"Just a couple pieces of fruit. That's all I'm asking", he pleaded.

Ember stood to her feet and opened the door. The tall ginger standing there immediately had a grin on his face. His short but long messy red hair hung across his forehead. His eyes trained on the girl he loved. His hands on each hinge of the doorway.

'Why does he have to be so fucking hot', she thought to herself.

"Fine. Just a couple pieces-"

The next thing she knew she was being lifted off her feet and being embraced into his arms.

He swung her around a couple times before setting her back down to the ground with his hands still glued to her waist.

As her feet connected with the floor, small giggles erupted from her mouth making Fred grin down at her.

"I enjoy making you laugh", he smiled.

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