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Dream was momentarily distracted from the game at hand when he spotted a new cheerleader from the corner of his eye. It wasn't just a normal cheerleader, though, no, it was a boy. Dressed in a short skirt and the schools logo plastered across a crop top, pompoms in either hand. 

He was momentarily dumbfounded by the small shoulders and frame, the way the cheerleaders hair shone in the light from the overcast sky. And most of all, the eyes, which even from afar seemed to glow. But only for a moment, as soon the call of the game planted his feet back in reality. 

Now wasn't the time to think of the way the skirt perfectly fit the boys frame, Dream had a game to win.

At least, Dream planned to win, but as the play was called and the cheerleaders dispersed and began to cheer, he watched the way the skirt flowed and the way the boy bounced. Because of this, he didn't see the opposing team diving at his feet. He was brought back into reality once more, except he wasn't on his feet this time, Dream was lying in the damp grass, clutching his leg. 

His teammates rushed over and helped him up. Despite the leg already starting to swell, he denied leaving the game until it was over. He hobbled over to the bleachers, and sat next to the cheer team. More specifically, the boy. 

The cheerleader looked over at him, giving him a concerned look, before continuing his routine. Dream sat there, in pain, infatuated by the boy. 

Luckily he didn't have to wait much longer for the game to be over, as a minute later a clap of thunder and a downpour of rain sent everyone running for the parking lot. 

Dream is left on the bleachers, his hair drooping over his face like a mop as the rain pelted down. He struggles to his feet when suddenly he feels someone underneath his arm. The cheerleader, again, was supporting him. He tried not to lean to heavily on the boy as they hobbled after everyone else. 

After making their way over, fully soaked, they parted ways, Dream flashing the smaller boy a lopsided smile. He was met with an eyeroll. 

After Sapnap rushed over, apologizing profusely for forgetting him, the rest of the team followed and demanded he went to the hospital. Seeing how he was outnumbered, he ended up in the back of the coaches SUV. 

Everyone was talking about the game, how they would've won if it hadn't started raining. 

"And of course if Dream here decided to not take a dive to the leg." Sapnap said, gesturing behind his seat at Dream. 

Dream rolled his eyes, but kept his mouth shut. The team didn't need to know he was distracted by that cheerleader..

He was almost thrown onto the floor as the SUV screeched to a halt in a hospital parking spot. Kind of ironic, driving so recklessly on the way to the hospital. 

The car doors slid open as he made his way out and stood, somewhat resembling a flamingo, attempting to keep his swollen leg off the ground. Despite this, "I'm fine, really!" Dream protested. 

Trying to take a step, a searing pain ran up his leg and wracked his body, so he gave in and was practically carried between Sapnap and another teammate. 

Entering the hospital, it was unsurprisingly full. Luckily the coach had the foresight of calling ahead and it was only a thirty minute wait. 

After sitting getting x-rayed for what felt like hours, the obvious news was broken that, well, Dream's leg was broken. Specifically the lower portion of the tibia, not like Dream knew where that was. 

"Do you want us to call your parents?" The doctor asked, as he finished applying the cast. 

"No, its fine, there's no reason to worry them." Dream responded. He didn't want to be bothered by nagging. 

"Alright, try to keep off your foot, and come back in 4-6 weeks and we'll see how its coming along. Obviously, no football." Dream inwardly groaned, they had another game Saturday, and in a few weeks were the playoffs.

"It'll just take longer to heal if you play." The coach added, sensing his rising frustration.

"Fine." Dream muttered. 

He arrived back at his small flat thirty minutes later. 

"Call if you need anything." Sapnap said, climbing back into the SUV.

"Got it." Dream responded.

He unlocked the front door and stepped inside, flicking on a light. 

The doctor had specifically told him to wait a few days to shower, and to make sure the cast is kept out of water, so instead Dream settled on toweling his hair dry and getting into some drier clothes. 

After getting into sweatpants, after two minutes of struggling and three minutes of scouring the internet, and a hoodie, and finding some ibuprofen lying around, he sat down at his desk. He mindlessly clicked around, no assignments do, and no emails or messages. Until an unknown username friend request popped up on Discord.

Not caring if it was someone random, he accepted, and saw three dots appearing by the profile picture. It was a simple purple sunset over a beach. "Georgenotfound" the username read. 

A message finally popped up

Hey, its that cheerleader you almost crushed earlier
How is the leg?
Sent 7:20pm


Oh really? I thought it was a bug
its fine, will be off the field for a bit
guess I'll be getting well acquainted with the bench. 
Read 7:21pm

haha very funny.
you could get well acquainted with me and the bench :)
i think i'm good company
Sent 7:22pm

why wait until tomorrow?
you have minecraft?
Read 7:24pm

yeah, Georgenotfound
i like to keep things consistent.
my names George, if you couldn't guess. 
Sent 7:24pm

I like keeping things consistent too.
Name's Dream.
both in real life and in minecraft.
join me in hypixel

Dream spent the rest of the night screaming in party chat with George. It wasn't until 12am when they realized the sun had gone down, and it would probably be a good idea for them to sleep.

Dream climbed into the bed, and despite it being fall, laid uncovered by blankets. 

He fell asleep thinking of George. 

Hey! Excuse me if this isn't written the best, its somewhat late where I am and my brain is a bit fried. Also, I have almost zero knowledge of football, so if I say something wrong please simply ignore it, I am not a straight white cis male father. 

Also, there will most likely be no smut (I don't know how to write it).The closest you will likely get is implications. Sexual comments are allowed, but try to not make it weird. One last thing, I'll contuine to refer to Dream as Dream instead of Clay, simply because of my Preference. Same thing for Sapnap, and likely anyone else that appears. George might occasionally refer to Dream as Clay. 

Art creds: @B_Pupper on twitter 

Word Count: 1164

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