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Dream woke up at the ripe hour of 6am, before his alarm even buzzed. He groaned as the light flitted in through the closed window shades and landed on the bed.

Checking his phone, he confirmed it was in fact 6am. Dream rubbed his eyes and stared at the ceiling, debating on getting up and going back to sleep.

The obvious choice was to go back to sleep, so he did exactly that, shoving his head under the pillow and shutting his eyes.

However the universe seemed to be against Dream that morning, or with him, however you look at it, as just then his phone began to buzz with messages. he groaned and brought the phone to his face, squinting to read the messages.

You up?
Sent 5:30am
You sleep so late
Sent 6:00am
Okay dude get up, you need to make breakfast
I'm coming over to help you, the cripple
see you in a minute. 
Sent 6:24

The moment Dream dragged the pillow off his head and made his way to get up was the exact moment the doorbell rang. He grabbed the crutches that had been resting by his bedside, and after a minute or two of remembering how to use them, he made his way to the front door. 

He opened it, and instead of Sapnap's face, he saw George's. After he looked down, of course. 

"What are you doing here?" Dream asked, immediately self conscious, trying to smooth his bedhead.

"Sapnap messaged me telling me to come here. I dunno why he couldn't come but whatever." He shrugged. Dream didn't know Sapnap knew George, but he didn't question it, he seemed to always know everyone at the school.

"Huh, that's weird. Come on in, I was just going to make breakfast." Dream said, scooting against the wall and gesturing with the crutch to come in. George walked in, and Dream was grateful he had cleaned a few days before.

"This is just like a bigger version of my apartment." George said, making his way to the kitchen. 

"Yeah, rent's like 1000 a month or so, but its just cause the landlady is friends with my mom." Dream shrugged, opening the freezer and pulling out frozen waffles. "I work at a coffee shop normally, and I guess I'll be doing a lot more hours there." 

"Haha, yeah. I split my rent with a few others, so I pay around 250. I think I know what coffee shop you work at, I've gone there a lot." 

Funny to think he could've seen this handsome of a man and not even remember him...Dream immediately banished the thought to the farthest corner of his mine as he heated up the waffles. 

"How do you know Sapnap?" He asked.

"Oh he knows almost everyone on the cheerleading team, and he's in a few of my classes so we talk a bit." George responded. Dream grabbed the waffles directly from the toaster, it didn't burn his fingers anymore. 

"Ah right, why did you pick cheerleading anyways? A lot of people see that as weird." Dream retrieved butter and maple syrup, and slid a waffle over on a plate to George. 

"Eh, I've been doing it since, like, middle school? Its fun, and I don't care what the others think." He bit into the waffle after pouring syrup on it. 

"I guess that makes sense. You were really good by the way." Dream bit into his own waffle, covered in syrup and butter. George tried to hide a smile by shoving the waffle into his mouth. 

"That why you broke your leg? Looking at me in all my glory?" George laughed and tossed his hair back as Dream blushed slightly.

"No, I was just distracted." Dream said, not a very good comeback, but it would have to do.

"Yeah, distracted by my insane beauty." George laughed and finished off the waffel, sticking the plate in the sink. He started posing like a model. "Nice shot, huh? I could drop out of college and become a famous model."

Dream laughed like a tea kettle, but in reality he agreed with George. He could drop out and become a famous model. But that probably wouldn't be a very straight thing to say, so he kept his mouth shut.

Dream's phone alarm starting ringing.

"Oh, I guess I got out of bed earlier than that thing for once." He shrugged, and switched it off. George gave him a strange look. "I know, I know, a 7am alarm on a Friday. Its for practice, I don't have actual classes until, like, nine I think."

Dream finished of the waffle as well, putting his dish on top of George's and rinsing the top quickly. 

"Well considering you won't be on the field for awhile," George smirked, "and that's partially my handsomeness fault, I can sit with you." 

The offer caught Dream slightly off guard. "Don't you have practice's though?" 

George shrugged sheepishly, "Well I wasn't actually supposed to be at the last game, I sprained my wrist the practice before, but the backup got sick, so I had to fill in. So I can't practice for like four weeks now." 

Dream narrowed his eyes at him, not trusting the boy until he spied a bandage wrapped around George's hand, so he decided to accept the offer. "Sure, but you'll get out of that before me, and no breaking it to stay with me longer." Dream tossed his blonde hair back. "After all, I'm the prettiest one here." 

They devolved into laughter.

"Hey wait, do you have a car?" George questioned.

"No, I usually bike, why?" Dream responded, as he placed the syrup back into the fridge. 

"I walked here-" George said, leaning against the fridge in defeat.

"And that's bad because?" Dream said, not fully grasping what George was trying to say here.

"It means that school is a 10 minute drive from here, you can't bike, and I don't have a car." When Dream still gave him a puzzled look he added, "Which means, how are we going to get to school?" 




I wasn't exactly sure I was going with this chapter, but don't worry! Some more romantic stuff will happen soon, but we aren't speedrunning this. Also, for clarification, George is 21, Dream is 21 as well, and Sapnap is 20. They are all juniors (I have no idea if this is the actual age range for juniors but it is in this AU).

Dream knows how to use crutches already as when he was a freshman he broke his foot as well (and the reason he isn't in a lot of pain is 1. medicine, and 2. he's used to it as other than the freshman incident, he's broken a lot of bones, mainly just from being reckless, I'll most likely mention this at some other time, but incase I don't, here is the reason).

Word Count: 1129

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