Thirty One||Show Off

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"You'll be used for breeding." Anton's words echoed in my head as I tried to comprehend what he said. I tried to alter the meaning behind his words, and yet, I knew. I knew from his arrogant sneer and his cruel eyes what he meant, and yet, I still tried to construct a different interpretation.

My gut clenched into a thousand knots as I thought of what he was elucidating. He was telling me the truth when he said they did not kill the female dragon riders. Instead, they were used to bear children to produce more rider offspring. If I were in any other situation, I would say it's smart, only because it's a for sure on conceiving a rider child with two rider parents. On the other hand, their methods were barbaric. The women should be able to live their lives as a rider, connect with their flame-bound, and choose the person they wanted to have children with.

If I wasn't disgusted by the world I lived in before, I was now. Things needed to change, especially for the females of these lands. If I had to be the one to change it, then so be it. This is what I will do. This is how I will make my legacy.

That night, I lay in my bed thinking of everything wrong with this world and how I could fix it.

"World is broken?" Naxan's voice rang inside my head. He was laying in a nest he had made separate from the other dragons that occupied the mountains.

"The world is extremely broken, Nax," I spoke heatedly. "I plan on fixing that."

"Big job for tiny twoleg," Naxan softly grumbled playfully.

I remained quiet. He was right. How am I supposed to do something as extensive as this? And on my own too.

"Twoleg not alone." I heard Naxan say. I smiled even though he couldn't see me. The amount of love I had for this dragon was indescribable. He was my friend, my partner, and my rock. I couldn't imagine not having him in my life now that I knew him. I was glad I had him in my corner, not because of his intimidation to others or because of his power, but because of how he cared for me like no other has. Yes, my parents loved and cared for me, but the bond Naxan and I shared was completely different from that.

A deep longing shot through my gut as I thought of the island we had previously occupied together. Naxan and I had shared the ground and the sky for almost a year. We slept by each other's side as well as flew the sky's together. We had freedom, more than we had here. Why had I thought returning here would be a good idea?

Getting up from the bed I had been lying in all night, I stood on the floor and stared at the uncomfortable softness of it. I hadn't been able to fall asleep because of my thought plaguing my mind. Ever since I came here, I was not able to have a good night's sleep.

I exited the room and descended the stairs of the Academy, making my way towards the bottom floor that stretched down into darkness.

My steps were soft but still seemed to echo throughout the Academy's walls. I hoped no one was a light sleeper, as I had no good reason to why I was up and about at such an hour except for the reason that I could not sleep.

I finally made my way to the side door that was near the kitchen. Opening it with a silent creak, the chilling night air made its way into the warmth of the Academy. Even though I wore a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, the cold still crept its way under my skin. Goosebumps trilled their way up my arms and over my body, but I kept walking forward and towards my dragon. I knew he could sense my approach, but I still walked with careful steps as to not disturb the silence of the night.

"Twoleg," Naxan said quietly as I approached where he was resting. His one eye cracked open, and a glowing blue pool lit up the surrounding darkness.

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