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This is my second bts ff. I'm still immature writer. So plz support me. I actually read a lot of bro sis ff and i like them a lot. So i thought of making one by myself. U can request any of ur ideas. Dms are open as well.

Note: None of these characters are relatable in the real life. This is just a fictional story. I don't hate any of the kpop idols. Rather i love them with all my hearts. And so plz...don't hate me.
None of the characters are own by me. (I'm just a little ARMY girl author who loves to write xD)

I was inspired to write a bro sis ff by reading aridiothikari_bts7aarushiaries123Jeon_Nationforevermrsbts

And one more thing. If u don't find it interesting in the first chaps, i assure u, you'll find it interesting afterwards. It gets better gradually so plz have patience hehe.

Love u alll😁😘

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