Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: vs. Madara Uchiha!

Hands grabbed Obito and merged with his body as Madara let loose a laugh as he glared at Naruto. "Time for a switch!!" Madara laughed, "words can't express the thanks I owe you, Naruto."

Obito let out a grunt as he felt his weak body become controlled. "No hard feelings Obito... this has always been my one and only purpose..." A voice said.

"Black... Zetsu..." Obito coughed.

Obito felt himself get weaker and weaker. The tailed-beasts in him had been successfully extracted from him. Madara laughed as he destroyed the pillars that had kept him down. "At long last... I can fight at full strength!!" Madara exclaimed but then set his gaze to Hashirama.

"But first..." he muttered and darted towards Hashirama knocking out any shinobi that were in his way, "I deal with you first!"

Madara's fingers wrapped around Hashirama's neck. Slowly, Hashirama's body began to break. Naruto raced towards Madara with a kunai in hand. The blonde raised his hand up, ready to stab the Uchiha. However, Madara was quick to react, he grabbed Naruto's arm and spewed out a cloud of ash towards him.

Naruto hissed in pain and jumped away as soon as Madara's grip loosened from his wrist. Crap... that burns!! Naruto thought. By the time the smoke of ash cleared, Madara was gone. Kit he's gonna go after the tailed-beast! Kurama warned.

"Figures.." Naruto grunted as he got up and took off in the direction where the tailed beasts were. Sasuke spotted Naruto running and went after him with his brother, Itachi close behind.

"Naruto!" Sasuke called out to the blonde who turned his head and met his eyes. "What's going on?" The raven haired asked.

"Madara's come back to life and now he's gonna go after the tailed-beasts! He's planning on becoming the ten-tails Jinchuriki," Naruto explained, "we gotta stop him before he does that!"

"Right!" Both Uchiha's responded.

"Where is Minato and Kakashi?" Naruto asked.

"Kakashi had recently returned and is with Minato, I think they're settling things with Obito." Itachi responded.

Soon Madara came into view, he stood tall on a large boulder in front of the furious tailed-beasts. Naruto accelerated and ran in front of the tailed-beasts. "No! Please stay out of this! He's just going to absorb you guys to become the ten tails if you attack him!!" Naruto yelled.

The five tailed beast looked down at Naruto. "Hmph, so be it Naruto." He spoke and Naruto sighed. Troublesome... ah wait no... that's Shikamaru's line. Naruto thought and turned to face Madara as Itachi, Jiraiya and Sasuke joined him.

"So... got any bright ideas on how to take him down?" Sasuke asked.

"What? Why're you asking me?" Naruto asked.

"Because you're the smart one here!" Sasuke answered.

"I-... I'm not even gonna argue with that," Naruto spoke and sighed, "I don't really have anything. We'll need more help if we're hoping to land any attacks on him."

Madara ran towards the tailed-beasts but then came to a stop when Itachi and Sasuke had appeared. Itachi went for the first strike. Madara blocked Itachi's attacks with ease.

Sasuke quickly ran around to behind Madara and performed various hand signs. "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!!" Sasuke spewed out a large ball of flame towards Madara.

Itachi watched as Madara averted his gaze from him towards the ball of fire that was coming towards them. Itachi grabbed Madara and held him tightly, "nice try! But not good enough!!!" Madara yelled elbowing Itachi in the ribs.

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