1: Memories

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Soyun pov

Today was my first day at my new school. After appa died, mom joined a new company and she had been paid well. I was really happy for her. But still...it was only one month of that fatal incident.

I still remember when Minhyuk oppa hugged me before going. When he asked me will i ever forget him. Of course I'll never forget him. He's the best brother in the world. After he died, i made a diary of him and i. Where there were our memories, our brother sister tales. I use to write in this diary whenever i feel down as if I'm talking to him.

Even though deep down i knew that he can't read this, but i know he's watching his little princess from above. Every night, i cry hugging a pillow remembering how he used to make me sleep. I miss him sooo much. I don't know when will i get over him...maybe never? But at the same time, i don't wanna get over. Cuz he's my everything.

I woke in the morning after having 2 hours sleep. After that accident, i also forgot how to sleep. I can't sleep without anyone's embrace. Sometimes i feel like blaming oppa for making me like this. Why did he have to give me soo much affection? Why did he leave me like this? Why didn't i die in that accident instead of him?

After i had a shower, i was getting ready for school. This is what i chose as outfit for today

Well i think this is the best outfit as a first day

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Well i think this is the best outfit as a first day. I hope i can make new friends. And mostly, i don't want anyone to hate me. Then i kinda ran downstairs cuz i was getting late. I saw my mom cooking breakfast when she saw me.

Soyun dear! Quickly have ur breakfast! Ur gonna be late on ur first day!!
She was telling me while arranging breakfast for me. But i was already late so i decision to skip breakfast for today.
Uhmm mom! I'm already running out of time! Now byeee!
I quickly got out of the home running after waving at her. I heard mom calling me but i was running like crazy.

I arrived at the bus station and thank god i ran. Otherwise i would definitely miss the bus. I sat on a single sit and breathed. I was still panting for running. A giggle caught my attention and i saw a girl and boy. The girl was writing 'BEST BROTHER' on his hand. The girl was gigging at her brother and her brother pinches her nose. They were very cute to be honest. I was admiring them when a memory flashed in my mind.


Minhyuk was sleeping peacefully when his sister came in. They planned on going for shopping but mihyuk feel asleep. Soyun's plan was going to be ruined. To wake him up, she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Oppaaaa ireunaaa!!
Not nowww~
Minhyuk whined.
Soyun again shouted
Minhyuk whined again
We are going to shopping!! U promised meeeee aaaaaa
Soyun said irritated
Not today my princess~ Let me sleep more!
Minhyuk said burying his face mare on the pillow

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