The Target

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What exactly am I supposed to think when I am told that type of information. The way they said it makes it obvious that it is going to be bad for me but I was having a hard time understanding the reason as to why I wouldn't be here after today.

          I was confused but I didn't want to dwell on it for long. I didn't even have time to find out how I was actually feeling about the whole thing since my presence was demanded in the kitchen. I shuffled my way to the kitchen.

I sometimes try and comfort myself by telling myself that when they give me orders and they require me to do everything they don't seem to want to themselves it actually means that I am needed. I swear it's like they can't survive without me, is what I would love it to believe but my fantasy is fast to crumble and I get dragged back to my awful reality.

          I helped collect dirty dishes, got woods they will need for the fireplaces they have blazing in the pack-house, and brought out the weapons they will need for the hunting game they will be playing after dinner.

My stomach was grumbling like crazy, but everyone including myself ignored it. I was too busy with other duties to think about anything else. At one point I was planning to sneak some food to eat but I didn't get the opportunity to be able to get close to the food since I was only allowed to pick up dirty dishes.

Most of the day went on without anything, in particular, happening to me which made me happy since it meant Sasha's words were just to put fear inside me. If only she knew she only succeeded for a minute or so thanks to my busy schedule.

After everyone else but me had dinner the Alpha called us all out to the hunting ground. I was happy to go there since it meant I will be able to fangirl over the mysterious Alpha king once again. And for the most part, the hunting game is fun. I said most part since it is not going to be fun for whichever type of animal it is that is going to be hunted.

I was not disappointed. He was there and looked fantastic. A beautiful woman was standing next to him. She looked about 5'6" with short stylishly messy dirty blonde hair and a cute simple knee-length black dress. The alpha king's coat was draped on her shoulder. I wonder who she is but it is obvious that she had a close relationship with the Alpha king. 

Beta Alex welcomed everyone who is attending the hunting game which basically consisted of everyone who came with the alpha king and every wolf in the pack except for pups that were under the age of twelve and their caretakers for the day. Since everyone will be at the hunting game either participating or watching the caretakers will be looking after them in the main daycare of the pack.

Beta Alex then announced the beginning of the hunting game and welcomed Sasha who will be hosting the game. I didn't like the sound of that but everybody else was clapping as she made her way to the stage. She looked confident standing in front of all these people.

She gave a small formal smile before she said, "Thank you, Beta Alex." while looking at her dad.

"Before we officially start the hunting game I would like to thank the Alpha king and his pack members for being here." She said while flirtatiously glancing over to the Alpha king who didn't even bother to look at her. The girl who was standing next to him however glared at her.

This didn't seem to faze Sasha as she shifted her eyes towards Alpha Stefan and Luna Clara bowed her head and said, "Congratulation on your pregnancy." Which made pack members clap their hands once again.

"Without further delay, I will like to announce that the rules of this year's hunting game have been changed a little bit. It will be as enjoyable as the last game with the same rule or even more."

"The chase will be made in whichever form you are comfortable with and the person who gets the biggest catch will receive a price from the Alpha himself." She said while smiling devilishly. I didn't not like the sound of whatever it is she meant by what she just said and her words from before kept on playing in my head making me more restless.

"This year what we will be hunting are the pack prisoners and wolves who have threatened the safety of the pack." my head started to hurt as what she said registered in my mind. I sent a quick prayer to the moon goddesses so she doesn't involve me with this but I had no such luck since what I feared happed just as I finished my prayer. 

"These are the prisoners that will be hunted today," she said as the prison guards dragged with them ten prisoner rouges who looked like they had a hard time in the pack prison but were still strong and scary looking. 

"And we have one more wolf who will be joining them,"she added in a serious tone.

"Diana Marley, make your way to the front." As those words left her mouth it was as if my whole world turned upside down since I couldn't seem to walk properly. I was having a hard time collecting my breath.

"The pack members who stood next to me didn't give me time to digest what I just heard as they rudely started to push me to the front. The last shove made me trip and fall in front of the rouges. One of them giving me a hard kick on my stomach. Seriously I thought they would be emphatic since we are at least in this together but it seems that I am wrong.

"She will be the biggest catch." She announced. My heart was palpitating so hard against my chest that I thought it would burst open. My whole body was shaking and sweat was pouring out of my forehead.

I promised my mom I will survive but I am going to die today. No, I have to pull myself together this can't be my end. No matter what happens I have to keep ongoing. It's okay, you will live to see tomorrow I say to myself.

I now understood what she met before. The Alpha gave me time to be outside today since it will most likely be my last. I don't know what I did to this pack for them to treat me like this. It was obvious that I will be the target of most wolves since the biggest price or I might say bounty is on my head.

Close to thirty-five hunters made their way to the field. Since it is a dangerous game in which you might get killed a lot of people just enjoy watching the process of the hunt or at least wait for whichever hunter makes it back alive and what his catch is. Since they will be hunting rouges the chances of them being killed are also high hence the dwindling number of hunters for this game.

This is not the first time I have heard of this type of hunting game. They had an event like this when I was ten and unlike the other hunting events, there was not a lot of talk about what happened in the hunt. I heard hushed talks about how all the rouges that were being hunted and four of the hunter wolves died.

I felt like throwing up as I saw the crazed looks that the hunter wolves were giving me. I felt like a rabbit standing in front of them. Wolves love to chase and that is exactly what they would do. I am the prey while they are the predators.

"The prisoners will get a three-minute head start to make the chase more fun." Sasha's voice made it obvious that she is enjoying the whole thing. I mean why wouldn't she, she hated me for no apparent reason and this is the best way to finally get rid of me. It is sad to know that nobody is on my side.

"Let the chase begin," she announced just as the wolves at the edge of the forest in front of us waved the red flag they were carrying before they run joining the crowd.

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