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Y'all need to watch "Raising Victor Vargas"



he sent his location instantly after that

I got up throwing my sweats on

"we have to go Mount Sinai," I said feeling tears form in my eyes

"the fuck you mean?!"

"just come on," I grabbed his keys taking Zamari's jacket and crocs to her

she happened to be up so I turned the tv on seeing her follow behind us

"you gotta calm down Dimoni you gonna lose yourself," he said holding my hands


we got out the car running into the building seeing Siah in the waiting room pacing back and fourth making another call

"what's going on?"

"your brother got shot," he told me

I stood there silently holding my tears in from earlier. everything had ran through my mind right now

how does he know my brother...

after he told me he didn't...

he tried to hug me in which I pushed him back, seeing a girl a bit taller than me come towards us with his coat hand him a water bottle

"baby, here's your water," she said making me squint my eyes

I looked in between them shaking my head wiping my tears. walking past going to the rooms I seen his name in the door way as I stepped in

Bakari was laid out on the bed with tubes connected to his body. my heart started to hurt just looking at him.

my stomach began feeling weird making me rush to the bathroom across from me

"fuck," I cried pushing my twist behind me

cleaning up my mouth a nurse came inside handing me a mini mouthwash. I thanked her and stood there looking at myself

he said he loved me.

everything was a lie.

I let go of my thoughts taking deep breaths going back to the room. Ty' was standing there at the door watching me

"when is it gonna end," I cried as he held me tightly

we walked into the room sitting down next to him. feeling short squeezes to my hand I looked up

"the fuck you crying for?" he dryly said opening his eyes

"are you serious? look at yourself right now, I don't even know if you're going to make it. I can't be here," I said tapping my foot

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