7. 𝕾𝖙𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖘

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7 - Into You ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

you were currently at the Sohma's lake house. There wasn't much you could do there. All you were doing was walking around in circles thinking your test score was going to magically appear. Even thought you were quite occupied, you could tell Yuki and Kyo were off today. Tohru defiantly noticed it and was on edged out because of it.

"Hey, why did you really take us here so sudden?"

"You have always have an arterial motive." Yuki and Kyo asked Shigure

"You lack of trust saddens me. Cant a man just take a trip with the people he cares most about? Now instead pf tormenting me why don't you take y/n and Tohru for a walk around the lake"  and Kyo dismissed his suggestion by ignoring him.

"What is wrong with y'all? So moody."

"Its fine. Me and y/n can go on are own. right y/n?" Tohru looking at you for an answer. 

"oh...um sure." You weren't paying attention at all but you trusted Tohru not to send you two to death.

"This wont do. We need someone to brighten the mood. I'll call Aya!" Shigure could barley finish his sentence before Kyo and Yuki drag me and Tohru outside.

You four were walking in silence. Yuki and Kyo in the front and you a Tohru in the back . It was so awkward between y'all.

Are they mad at me?

should I apologize?

 "I'm really sorry!" With out even plaining it, you and Tohru both bowed at the same time

"I know that sometimes I can be super spacy. I can be rude without even knowing but if I did something to offend you pleases tell me, and I wont ever do it again. I wont I swear." Tohru said followed by you.

"Same for me, if I did something to make you upset please tell me, I cant promise I wont do it again but ill be more cautious. And if your upset about the Kagura thing I am so sorry.  "

"Wait Miss Honda, I don't understand."

"Yea y/n me either. What the heck are you walking abo-" Kyo falls on a bear print on the ground

"Its Jason!"

"Jason's here!"

"What should we do? Shigure said he was vicious, We have to go no-ah!" Tohru slips on nothing and falls on Kyo and Yuki causing them to transform.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Tohru was against a tree with her face in her hands

"Miss Honda,  are you ok?" Yuki was in a tree above us while Kyo was on the ground. 

"Come on, look were your going will ya?"  Kyo said as you made your way down  down to were they fell, taking a seat next to him.

"Like you have rom to talk. You're the one that tripped first, over a foot print." Yuki shot back.

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