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Hello everyone, It's not an update. I'm posting it just for some people who thinks, My this story is boring, weird, slow turning, not good with characters etc..etc.. You guys can stop reading it. If you are not enjoying the story then why you are wasting your precious time? Do something else, which makes you happy. Don't feel bore by reading my stories. And, don't post hateful comments or don't send me PM.

I have always tried to connect my all readers, who supports me all time. So, I don't need you guys for judging my story is good or not. I know, what's the plot and, how it's going, it's on track or not. So, please I said it before but, saying it one more time, please stop reading my book, if you can't respect. Stop reading and fuck off🙂.

I have some loyal readers with me. They support me from beginning of my writer journey till now. I know, they will in future. Guys, I love you so much. Thank you so much for supporting me always. I'm glad I got you guys beside me.

There is one more problem that, my chapters are short. Okay so, I'm here not just sitting at home and writing. I have many works beside Wattpad. I have others work to do. After finishing everything, I write and publish a new chapters for you guys everyday. Guys, I'm really sorry for short chapters. I'm trying to write more.

I'm writing this because, I'm fed up because of that comments and PM. I'm sorry, for being rude. And sorry it's not an update. I will publish new chapter of this story Tomorrow and Today I will update "Thirty Years Old" within sometime.

Love you guys💚❤️
Sorry again

-- Yours Devil Author 😈

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