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"you wanna get something to eat?" I asked her

"don't act like this your child now, you really fucking amaze me. now all of a sudden you care about everyone," he snatched her away from me making her whine

"I'm not doing this today Tylil,"

"I wanna go with mommy," Zahnay mumbled pulling back from him

Tylil sucked his teeth blowing a breath.

"the mother that didn't want you to stay with us? go ahead,"

with that he left out the room slamming the door

Dimoni Walker🌉
Harlem, New York

"Tylil, please calm down for a minute I can't hear you,"

listening to his words closely I jumped up throwing my sweats on

"Okay. I'm coming right now, don't go anywhere," I hung up leaving out my room

seeing Bakari walking in on crunches, Siah helped him inside as I just stood there

I couldn't move. I was scared

"why you so shy? we gotta get you out of that too."

he threw his arm around me as we walked into the building, it looked like every other project building in Harlem


"because I'm doing what's right you wasn't supposed to be here anyways I'm helping you out."

I sucked my teeth turning the music back up

"whatchu mean like you," I said putting it to the side as well

"these girls around here they'll act like something they're not. It's just a different atmosphere when I'm around you."

"spend the night at my crib this weekend." He told me

"what- we are not friends sir." I swerved him like he was done

"nah I'm serious. just as friends I need some company and we need to talk shit out." he shrugged showing his face
"I really don't say shit like Dimoni but I deadass love you," he spoke looking in my eyes

I let him take advantage of me

at my lowest moments, because I thought he had good intentions.

moving past them fast Siah wrapped his arms around waist before I could leave out the door

"get off of me," I whispered as he kissed my neck

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