2: Everything goes wrong

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Soyun pov

After recalling those memories, i saw the bus stopped at the entrance of my new school. I got down from the bus and looked at my new school. A new school..new memories, New friends or new enemies. I took a deep breath before stepping inside. There was 2 buildings and the campus was huge to be honest.

I was confused why mom has chosen this school. Well we are not that poor or not that rich. It's just we are stable enough to live on our own. I was good at my old schools though i didn't have any friends. I had so many memories there with oppa. But at the same time, i don't want those memories haunt me always. I've become much weaker after oppa passed away.

Thinking of those, i came in front of principals room. The hallway was almost empty except 2 or 3 running students who were late. I entered the principals room pushing the door. I saw the principal going through some papers. I stood in front of her and greeted warmly.

Good morning Mrs. Jung.
I said bowing.
Oh! Good morning! U must be Lee Soyun!
Yes mam. I'm the new student here.
Yeah i know! Hold on for a bit.
She searched something and nodded before giving me a paper.
Here's ur schedule and this requires sign of ur guardian. I hope u can get along with the others!
Sure mam. I'll never disappoint u.
I smiled and bowed a little.

I was checking my schedules and walking. I didn't notice someone coming and I bumped with the person . I fell on the ground ,but the person bumped on me just backed away a little. Seriously am i this weak! When i raised head to see a handsome boy standing there. He was handsome indeed but his stare somehow made me uncomfortable.

He extended a hand for me and i took it hesitantly. When i saw him face to face, he looked more handsome. But he was standing with a smirk which made him more than ugly.
Hey! U must be a newbie here! I'm sehun btw!

 Hey! U must be a newbie here! I'm sehun btw!

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Umm..hey sehun. I'm Lee Soyun. A new student here.
Well he doesn't seem a bad person. He's nice and good looking of course i gotta say.
Wait lemme check ur schedule! Which classes do u have?
Oh yeah! Sure.
Hmm...lookes like we have the same classes. So why not come with me?

Soo soyun?
Why did u transfer to this school?
Well...u see...for my mother...she got a new job which pays well. So maybe that's why she transfered me here!
Hmm....btw...what's ur fav sub?
Seriously? U like that? This is surely torture!!!
Haha...why what's ur fav anyways?
Mine is...P.E hehe.
Lol...but one thing....chem isn't a torture. It's fun!
What makes u think like that huh?
Obviously! Cuz math is a torture!!!!
Owh...but if u say like this...whole studying is a torture.

With that, we entered the class. Sehun entered the class first then i stepped in. Now the whole attention was on me. I felt a little uncomfortable but decided not to show it. The teacher smiled warmly at me and welcomed.

Hello there! U must be the new student!
Yes mam. I'm the new student in this class.
I said with a slight bow.
Class!! Welcome ur new friend!
I turned to the class and saw some student whispering about staffs. I ignored them and continued my introduction.

Annoyeogeseoo! I'm Lee So-Yun. Ur new classmate her. Hope we can get along!
I said and gave a satisfactory smile as i didn't shutter. I saw sehun sitting almost at back smiling like.....evil? I shrugged it of and turned towards the teacher.

Well soyun. It's nice if being u here! U may take ur seat...in front of sehun! Sehun raise-
Before that, i went to sit in front of him. I was somewhat glad that i got to sit with someone i can talk.
Looks like u two know each other!
I just smiled at her and placed my backpack on my lap.

But i saw some glares from some mean girls. I was very confused at their behaviour so i wanted to ask sehun about it.
Hey sehun! What's wrong with those meanies?
Who those? These are just some...fangirls of mine. U know...the handsome boy hereh!
Heh lol.

After almost 30 minutes, the class was over and it was chem next. It was my favourite so i was very excited. The teacher came in and started teaching. I was enjoying the class when i felt sehun poking me from the back. I was slightly pissed at him. He was distracting me from my attention.

Yah! Let me pay attention!
I whisper yelled.
Let's skip the next class. It's math.
He whispered back.
Ok ok...now let me-
We stood up as i kept my head hung low. It was all his fault!
Detention after class! Now sit down.
Wow! Detention in the first class! Nice first impression soyun. (Sarcastic)

I turned on the back to see sehun smirking evilly but he quickly changed it to a sheepish smile. What's wrong with this guy? The whole period, i was a bit sad. Why did i paid attention to him at the first place! Now i have detention with him. Guess it's a bad day!

Time skip (I'm lazyyy~)


I went to my detention room and saw sehun already there. I sat one sit distance from him as i felt uncomfortable sitting beside him. Yes I'm a bit not a bit...very sensitive to these matters. But that was of no use. He sat beside me and smiled innocently.

I put my head down and closed my eyes. Then i felt something touching my thighs and caressing it. It was sheun. I looked at him but he looked like nothings wrong. He started going upwards and started caressing my stomach. He was touching me with ill intentions.

S-sheun st-op it!
I said while breathing heavily.
Why baby girl! I know u like it!
He said while getting closer to me. I kept my arms on his chest to increase the distance. But i was too weak to push him. He started bad touching me while i was there trying my best to fight back.

He was kissing by neck hungrily all of a sudden and my eyes widen in horror. Now i gathered all my energy and tried to push him. This time i was successful became he was deep in sucking by neck. I quickly took my backpack and started running as soon as possible.


End of chapter 2

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