Chapter 32

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I woke up to see both of my brothers we're gone. I guessed that they went to get ready to say goodbye. I got up and brushed my teeth then hair. I splashed my face with water. I put light make up on after.

I went to my closet and pulled out an dark blue A-line dress, Elena said it was her favorite on me. I laid the dress on my bed then shut my bedroom door. I got dressed and put my hair in two French braids going into pigtails. I wore my outfit with a pair of black wedge booties.

Once I was done I headed downstairs. Once I was downstairs it was a bit cold so I decided to started a fire in the fireplace. I looked around for my brothers to find Damon kneeling besides Elena in her coffin, I walked away to give him some privacy. My worst fear is that he would go back to the old him and forget all the good he did.

I went to find Stefan instead and found him in the kitchen drinking something while leaning on the counter. I sat down at the table and fiddled with my thumbs until Stefan sat down in front of me and slid over his drink.

It didn't take me one whiff to realize it was a small glass of bourbon. It slid it right back to him without a second look and he just smiled. I folded my arms on the table and let my head rest on them. We were silent for the longest while, I could tell he was thinking of Elena and I was too. She saw how Damon and Stefan would unknowingly exclude me so she would invite me to hang with her.

The first time I considered her my friend is when there was a masquerade party and Katherine was back, she linked her life to Elena. So when my brothers were fighting Katherine, Elena was taking all the pain she was. I felt so helpless but she was the one to calm me down even when she was in pain. I ran to my brothers so fast because I was not about to let her die. I'm pretty sure it was the fastest I've ran in my life. I just can't believe that she's going to be gone for so long.

Matt and Tyler were the first ones to arrive. I heard Tyler turned into a wolf again so I didn't hesitate to give him a hug. It took him a moment but he sighed and hugged back. I took a step back and squeezed Matt's hand. Soon after, Alaric arrived, I'm not sure if hugging him was the best because he just lost the love of his life, so I didn't. But he gave me a sad smile and I gave him a light smile back. I sat on the couch, Alaric stood, Matt and Tyler sat on the small table. We were just waiting for Bonnie and Caroline.

I haven't seen Bonnie yet since she wasn't at the wedding. I leaned my head on the arm of the couch and tucked my feet underneath my bottom. A couple minutes later a knock at the door came and Damon opened it. Bonnie and Caroline walked through. I stood up and walked to Bonnie. We both hugged each other and let out a light breathy laugh. She rested her chin on my shoulder "Not the best circumstances huh?"

I shook my head no. We both walked back and I sat back down as Damon closed the door. He looked at all of us and I could see the pain in his face. "Okay let's do this." He looked over at Caroline and Bonnie "You two are up first." Damon and Stefan led them to the room where Elena was being held which was not far. I heard them talking and laid my head back of the arm of the couch.

Jermey showed up and it was heartbreaking to watch him lose his sister. Stefan went before me. Once it was my turn I almost couldn't do it, I had to take a few breath's.

I took her hand and let my mind sink into hers. It was a bright light for a second then it was clear.

It was outside the Lockwood mansion. I looked around and saw Elena walking towards me. We were both in masquerade ball gowns "Hey stranger" she smiled and I ran up to her.

I wrapped my arms around her neck. "I missed you so much and now you're leaving again." Tears started streaming down my cheek.

She pulled me away and took my hand. We walked for a while in silence. "You know what I want for you Nor?" I looked at her and shook my head. "Well, I want you to fall in love so hard that its not easy to breathe. I want you to go to all the places you haven't already been. I want you to live life to the fullest. Do you know that you happen to blame yourself for lots of stuff? I've watched you constantly beat yourself up over things you couldn't control. You're so hard on yourself, so I want you to know that you don't have to feel that guilt, you just got to put it behind you."

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