Chapter Twenty-three

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Days In Hotel- 3

__Author's POV__

"Wh..*cough*cough* what did you said?" Zhan asked spitting out his mouthful hot chocolate.

"What!! Are you okay?!" Yibo asked getting up from the chair.

**cough**cough**"I'm okay. But, what did you said?" Zhan asked coughing.

"What?" Yibo said

"You said, you will take me to shopping tomorrow? Did I heard right? My ears, is this working?" Zhan said checking his ear by his fingers.

"Shut up. And, stop putting your finger in ear. It's so....

"So what? Disgusting? Well, I'm disgusting." Zhan said smiling.

"Yeah, you are." Yibo said taking out some tissue from box, which was in table and came close to Zhan.

"Wahh.. what are you doing?" Zhan asked  stammering looking at Yibo.

Yibo didn't reply anything but, came more closer to Zhan.

"We are not in home or hotel that you can have your food however you want. It's roadside also it's hot so, you should be little careful." Yibo said lowered his face closer to Zhan and wiped the chocolates carefully.

Zhan closed his eyes as he felt, Yibo's warm breath on his chest. Yibo finished wiping and about to raise his head but stopped seeing Zhan's eyes close.

"He is so crazy yet beaut...

"Excuse me sir, here is your bill." A man said placing the bill on table.

Yibo was about to lost in his day dreams but couldn't because of that idiot waiter.

Zhan opened his eyes and saw Yibo is so close to him. Zhan's cheeks turned into red. Yibo looked at Zhan and sat on the chair beside Zhan.

"Thank you." Zhan said smiling awkwardly.

"Mnn. Let's go back." Yibo said looking other way.

"Mnnn..okay." Zhan said and got up from the chair.

Yibo paid the money and also stood with Zhan.

"Yibo, after we return Chongqing. I need your help." Zhan said smiling looking at Yibo.

"What help?" Yibo asked and started walking.

"Wait, why you are walking so fast? I'm coming." Zhan said and run after Yibo.

"What help you need?" Yibo asked with his as usual expressionless face.

" I want to change my number. I need you to buy me one. I don't want to ask dad about it. So, can you?" Zhan said.

"Why you need to change your number all of sudden?" Yibo asked.

"Mnn... I don't want to use it anymore. I don't like same thing use for many days. So, I want to change." Zhan said.

"I see. Just like, after a year you will change me with a new one." Yibo said.

"Hahahaha.. what are you saying? I said, I don't want to use same thing for many days. And, I don't think I'm using you. We are married. And and and, more importantly, as if you want me to stay with you. You are also going to... Let it be" Zhan said laughing.

Yibo didn't reply anything this time.

"So, will you help me or I have to ask mom or dad to help me?"

"I will." Yibo replied.

"Thank you so much." Zhan thanked him with a bright smile.

"Mnn. We are here. It's almost evening. Do you want something to eat?" Yibo asked standing in front of the hotel.

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