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George opened his eyes and blinked as the whistles of birds sounded outside his window.


George didn't have birds at his apartment.

At that moment the heavyweight wrapped around him stirred slightly, pulling George in closer. There was a hot breath on his neck, and an arm draped across his chest. He had become a little spoon, and he didn't mind at all in his groggy state.

His eyes shut again as the bird's song ended, and fell once again into dreamland.


Dream was the first to wake the second time. He opened his eyes, blinking in the bright light. He leaned back to look at his phone, which was open. The time read 9:35. The game would be in about an hour, so he had time to get ready.

As he began to fully wake up he, like George before him, noticed the position they were in. George was so warm, and he looked so peaceful. Dream tried to carefully move his arm, which was wrapped protectively around the small frame of George.

Upon this, George curled tighter into a ball, and Dream breathed a sigh of relief, having not waken him.

With that, he remembered the nights previous events, and decided a change of clothes would be in order. He searched his closet for something decent to wear, but gave up and decided on wearing the same hoodie over a black shirt with black pants. Simple, but he didn't care that much.

He shut the blinds quietly, and exited the room.

Stumbling his way to the kitchen, he had just waken up a few minutes ago after all, he opened the fridge and inspected it. There wasn't much in it, he had meant to make an errand run a week ago but had completely forgotten about it since then.

He grabbed two eggs from fridge, originally planning on making scrambled eggs, but after remembering the last time he attempted to do this (ending with eggs on the ceiling, somehow). So he decided on simply sunny side up eggs.

Which proved a tad more difficult than anticipated, but luckily it didn't end with egg on the ceiling this time, instead two eggs on two separate plates, maybe just slightly overcooked.

Dream sprinkled salt and pepper over his own plate, grabbing a glass of water while he was at it and sat down to eat. He checked his phone again, 9:45. The next bus was in 10 minutes and they should be there a few minutes early, however there were still no signs of life coming from Dream's room.

"George?" Dream called out as he took his last bite of egg. No response.

He sighed and got up, making his way upstairs, to which he opened the door and saw George's bare chest.

"What the-" George said, spinning around to face Dream. Blush spread across each of their faces.

Dream quickly regained his composure, though he avoided looking directly at George.

"Heard of locks?" He asked.

"Heard of knocking?" George responded with, finally tugging on a blue shirt.

"I figured you were still asleep." George's blush grew darker, presumably remembering how he had first woken up.

"Don't you have a game to get to?"

"We have a game to get to. I already made breakfast so hurry." Dream smoothed his bedhead, or at least tried to, it immediately became messy again.


They finally arrived at the field at 10:01, just as the game was beginning to start.

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