The Hunt

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The rouges started running towards the woods just as they were set free. I stayed glued to my place to collect my breath and also to find a way to keep myself away from them since I am not only going to be chased by the hunters but also the rouges.

"Breath, you have to survive," I murmur to myself feeling myself tremble. As fear took a hold of my whole body a pair of tears left my eyes. I dabbed at my face to get rid of the unwanted tears. I shook my face waking myself up from the numbness that my body was feeling.

I took off running after making sure they were already inside the woods. After going into the woods I ran as fast as I can. I could feel my heavy breathing and my heart's palpitations. I need to mask my scent so I try to run towards a muddy area.

After a few minutes, I hear the howl of the hunter wolves indicating the beginning of their hunt. I quickly roll in the mud and continue running. I need to find a place where I can hide but I can't seem to find the right spot.

After minutes of running, I start hearing a stampede. It is was obvious that most of them were after me. The hope of seeing tomorrow seems to be leaving my body as the sound of fierce growls got closer and I found myself unable to run any faster.

In my human body, I can run much faster than a normal human, but I am not a match for anyone in wolf form. I see thick long bushes and trees that covered an opening of a cave. It is a good spot that won't be easy to detect. I leave more of my footprints to make it look like I kept on running and hid away.

As I collected my breath cramped in the cold dirty cave. I debate whether I should go into the cave further or I should stay where I am since I might be trapped if I go any deeper and they come in.

I decide not to go in much further since there might not be an opening and I don't know what lives in the cave and I was not ready to find out. The rouges and the hunter wolves are more than enough.

Tears roll down my face as I remember my mother. This was not how I thought I would die. I did everything I could to survive. I threw away my pride, I didn't speak up when I was treated like dirt, I cleaned up and did everything they were not willing to do since it was nasty or hard. I did everything that was expected of me and more and this is what I get.

"Be a bright girl, live a life that you can look back to and have no regrets for. Live life to the fullest but don't forget that your life should be filled with respectable self-responsibility and accountability as well. Love yourself since that is where your education about true love starts. Make sure you are happy with the person you have become and will become. Remember to stay strong even when you face hardship in life. " As tears continued to flow on both our cheeks. My mom slowly lifted her shaky hand and wiped away my tires.

"But pumpkin," she whispered. "don't force yourself to be okay. It only adds to the pain." She said as slowly pulled me into a hug. I buried my face into her neck and cried harder as she did her best to comfort me by slowly patting my back.

"Make sure you always let the bad feelings and energy out of your system when they become hard to carry. Don't ever let them stay within you making you resentful." She said sternly and making sure I knew how serious she was.

As memories from the past flooded my minded I realized the mistakes I have made in my life. Standing at this moment I regret the life I lived. I look back and the past two years of my life can't be considered a life. I was not living, I was just existing and I don't think that is what my mom would want for me.  She might have wanted me to stay alive but I don't think this is what she meant.

If the regular rules apply to this game I just need to survive the hunt for two hours and I can try and sneak back to the main field where everybody is. It is close to impossible but trying is the only option that I have. After four hours they will come to collect the bodies of the dead or look for wounded wolves which will also mark the end of the hunt. The longer I stay in the woods the harder it becomes to survive.

I can try to sneak back into the field which will help me get a pardon from my punishment or I just have to make sure I stay alive in this place for the next four hours. I am going to try to sneak back in if my plan works and the wolves that are following me don't find my hiding spot.

I close my eyes and plead with the moon goddess to help me out this time. She should make up for all the ignoring and trials she laid out for me.

I hold my breath as I hear them get closer. The trembling of my body intensifies and breathing becomes difficult. I slowly crawl further into the cave.

I knew my plan failed when a wolf growled after sniffing around the cave entrance. Once I knew I was discovered I crawled further and faster into the cave not caring about the noise I was making. The growl of many wolves followed me into the cave.

I got out into open space inside the cave. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. The small light that was coming into the cave through the same opening on top of the cave gave a soft light and gave the cave a peaceful presence. The clear water that was flowing to a different spot in the cave made a calming sound echo throughout the cave.

The flowers and weeds that surrounded the cave gave it a beautifully romantic atmosphere. It is not a bad place to take my last breath. If I knew this was how I was going to die then would have run away to find my father. Even though I am mad at my dad for leaving without me, I still should have looked for him myself.

Tears uncontrollably flowed down my face as the impending doom neared me. The cave that radiated peace and beauty did nothing to calm my heart. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. My body started to shake as every drop of energy and hope that I had slowly oozed out of my body.

I dragged myself to the spot where the moonlight illuminated the most under the cave opening and started to wait for death to finally grab me. The wolves came into the opening one by one and started to circling me growling at each other eager to be the first one to the first bite or to be the one to deliver the killing blow.

My tears stopped flowing and I felt my body become heavy as one of the bigger wolves jumped to take me down. My eyes closed before I commanded them too as if my body knew I shouldn't see what is about to happen to my body. What a dramatic death to have for someone who lived a pathetic life, I thought before nothingness surrounded me.

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