~Chapter 8~

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⚠️Very slight sexual content and mentioning. Be aware⚠️

A huge smile formed on Marinette's face. She had been so scared to tell him, but he loved her back!

She could barely process it. Her kitty loved her back. For Marinette and not just Ladybug. He loved the real her.

She put away her bowl of soup. "Chat, are you finished eating?"

"Yeah, why?" He asked.

"Can you get fully under the covers. I kinda need a hug right now..."

She heard him chuckle. "Hang on, princess."

A few seconds later he told her that he was fully covered and Marinette immediately dived on him.

He grunted because of the sudden weight that was on him and then smiled. He loved her so much.

They kept hugging each other for a while and enjoyed each other's presence.

It was a little bit weird for Marinette to hug him without actually seeing him or feeling him, but she enjoyed it nevertheless.

"Mari?" Adrien interrupted the silence.

"Yeah, my prince?"

A blush appeared on his cheeks and the black cat was glad that the blankets were covering him, and that Marinette couldn't make fun of him.

"Can you... Close your eyes?"

"Why?" She asked hesitantly.

"Don't you trust your prince, princess?" He questioned half teasingly.

"Of course I do. My eyes are closed."

He lifted the blanket off his head and looked at his adorable princess. The chicken soup had already helped a lot and of course, he still didn't feel great, but he needed to kiss her.

He couldn't help himself. They had just declared their love to each other. He needed to show his affection.

He softly leaned in and started kissing her jawline. He decided it would be better if he avoided her plump lips because he would feel terrible if she got sick.

A small gasp escaped her lips, surprised by the sudden feeling of his soft lips on her skin.

He slowly moved towards her neck and trailed kisses all over her exposed skin. He then moved towards her collarbone and searched for her weak spot.

He also didn't want to risk leaving a hickey on her neck, but not because he was sick, but because of Tom. He was absolutely terrified of her dad, although he didn't like to admit it, and he knew Tom wouldn't be pleased if he found a hickey on his daughter.

Marinette's breath had gotten uneven and she clearly enjoyed his lips on her body.

Her breath hitched when his lips met the right side of her collarbone and he knew he had found her sweet spot. He began sucking and Marinette gasped.

He left her skin with a plop seconds later and smiled at his creation. A beautiful red mark, marking his property. Well... She wasn't exactly his girlfriend yet...

He softly kissed her forehead. "Mari?"

She let out a small hum, still in bliss from what happened a minute ago. It didn't seem much, but it was amazing to her.

"I know that it isn't the best timing, but I just can't wait... You're so special to me, Princess, and I would love to call you mine." He softly whispered against her ear, which caused Marinette to shiver.

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