Chapter 17

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Kates Pov

I'm in my English class right now so I'm very tired from falling asleep because I stayed up till four in the morning watching the fruit basket. It's the end of the day and I would kill for a nap.My teacher won't stop talking about god knows what.When he finally says we can leave, I grab all of my things and waddle out of that class so freaking fast.

I am leaning on the way looking around waiting for lucas come and get me. He is taking Forevvvvveeerrrr. Should I just go back to myself? It's cold outside and he wouldn't want me standing in the cold would he? I decided I would just walk back to the house because I'm cold and tired. My dumbass decided I should wear a skirt today. I finally get back to the house and i yell 'I'm Back" but No one says anything. I head to the kitchen to make some Hot coco because it seems like No ones here so no one can stop me. I made my coco and sat down at the table to get my homework all done.I didn't have a lot of homework to do today. I needed to finish up a paper.

After about 30 minutes I'm too sleepy to do anymore work So i head up to my room to change. I wonder if i should text Lucas or Daxs? what if there mad at me? If they were mad they would have come back by now right? Yeah Lets go with that. I get to my Room and get into an oversized hoodie and some fuzzy socks. They have little itty cat ears on them. I grab my teddy bear and start to walk down the stairs.

I hear a odd noise coming from Lucas and Daxs office. Finally there back, I walked over to their office to see a very tall person looking around. Maybe he is a friend of Lucas and daxs,he might just be waiting for them,but he doesn't look like he is waiting. It looks like he is going though it is draws. I started to walk backwards to leave to office but the dang wood squeaked and the lager man turned around and saw me.

I wasn't too sure what to do So I ran. I ran fast up the stairs, I got to the top and saw the man chasing after me. I ran to my room and locked the door . I put my teddy bear down onto my bed and went over to a dresser and pushed it in front of the door just in case he somehow got the door open. I run over to my bed and grab my phone. As I'm opening my phone I hear the man banging on the door telling me To open the door and calling me mean names. I click on lucas name and it starts to Ring. He finally Picks the phone up.

" Hello" I hear lucas says

" When are you getting Home?" I say as i start to cry

" SO that's where you are ? Why are you crying?! What's going on? " I hear him say

" There is a man in the house banging on my door and no one is home. I just wanted to take a damn Nap!" I cry into the phone

" OKay hon i'm on my way to get under the bed okay? Can you do that for be sweetpea?"

" Okay daddy. you're coming right?" I ask as i get under the bed

" Yes both of your daddies are on their way Honey just stay under your bed tell we get there okay hon I'm going to hang up down just stay calm " He says after that he hangs up.

I'm under the bed right now. I have my teddy bear in my arms waiting for my daddies to come.

Why the hell is this guy here anyway. What the heck is going on!?


Hey guys I am so sorry about no update but i have not had internet for a long time also about this being so short if i do offline again it means i don't have internet again. I am trying to write as much as I can when it comes back on but I wanted to at least give you guys a short chapter so that you know why I haven't updated. I will try to update again today but please be patient with me.I hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Bye loves

PS: This chapter is unedited so sorry.

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