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Alright, where the fuck are you?

The grating of the door was the one that made you open your eyes from falling asleep for hours. It was the sound of opening the door and closing it after. You jolted awake‚ eyes widened and mouth half-parted. Not aware of the man who just exited the washroom.

You were about to cry out for help but not proceed when Kim Taehyung covered your mouth with his big and veiny palm. Your voice got smothered over the fact that he was covering your mouth.

He let go once you finally gave up on getting out of his grip. You were just startled why the heck you awoke in a different designed bedroom‚ it had an elegant and amazing design.

"Where the fuck am I?" You inquired when your gaze meets Taehyung's. You could only remember certain parts of the events that had passed a while ago but feel like they had happened days ago.

"Sitting on the bed inside the bedroom‚" he sarcastically replied. The nerves of this man!

"I know that, stupid." You rolled your eyes at him because of his sardonic response to you. You adjusted your seating posture on the comfortable‚ fluffy mattress that you were lying on a while ago.

"Listen‚ I know you're probably disheartened that you woke up in an unusual room—"

You scoffed that made him stop his words‚ "Who wouldn't be?"

"Let me finish my words first‚ woman." He was growing impatient so you sealed your lips together‚ not trying to make a noise. "We are not here to do any havoc to you. I would appreciate it if you trust us on this matter, please don't get frightened."

At this point‚ you don't even understand anything. You don't remember doing something disastrous for you to end up in this dilemma. Your mind is not processing right now.

"I don't want to say that I'm a slow person but what do you mean?" You furrowed your eyebrows. "Did I do something wrong to make all of you mad at me?" Upon hearing those phrases from you‚ Taehyung instantly shook his head.

"No‚ you did not distress any of us Y/N. It's just that someone might've damaged us‚ and he is associated with you," he clarified. "But we're not declaring that it's your responsibility that you got implicated in this disaster."

You sighed‚ only comprehending some parts but not all of them since he wasn't deciphering it very well to you‚ at the end you just gleamed at the tanned-skin man crouching in front of you.

"I understand if it's complicated to say. You don't have to say all of them if you suggest not to." You were an empathetic person‚ despite still being terrified of them‚ you know they have their intentions.

"Are we the only ones in the house?" You asked after a short minute of silence.

"Nope‚ my brothers are downstairs having their own time in different rooms. They asked me to assist you here at the auxiliary space we have‚" he clarified. "Do you wanna encounter them?"

Maybe‚ maybe not. You were so apprehensive. What if they try to attack you out of nowhere‚ you don't wanna die yet.

"A little later maybe‚ what I need right now is rest." You yawned. "I also think you should let them explain it to me too. I still don't get whatever's happening. I'm not gonna scream for help unless you do something bad to me." You scowled at the man in front of you.

"Do not worry Y/N‚ my brothers may seem dangerous in the eyes but trust me‚ all of them is a big softie." He chuckled‚ which you find adorable so you giggled with him. You're being kidnapped yet you're admiring Taehyung's company.

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