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He stayed.

In the seconds it took him to answer my question that night it had felt like three years had passed. But once he did I could relax and catch my breath. He didn't seem to read too much into it, we changed into sleepwear separately and I was in bed a couple minutes before him, giving me enough time to hate myself for what I was doing to Martin, but every thought surrounding the topic disappeared when Taehyung walked into the room in baggy pajama pants and a white tee. It was nothing special but of course he looked magnificent, he was Kim Taehyung after all.

Getting into my bed with me it was as if there was a normalcy about it, like we always slept like this. We weren't touching, but I turned towards him just so I could look at him. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep, and my body felt like it was finally resting comfortably.


I woke up to my phone blasting music on the night stand, telling me Martin was calling me. Grabbing the phone as quickly as I could I answered him.

"Yeah?" My voice was groggy

"Baby where are you? I've been trying to call you for hours, why didn't you come home last night?"

My eyes shut open in panic. How the fuck can I possibly explain this one? I looked around me and realised I was locked in position by arms encircling me. Taehyung was hugging me from the side, with a tight grip around my torso as if I was a teddy bear. It sent flutters through my heart for approximately two seconds before I realised I was on the phone.

"I told you I was picking up a friend right? It got so late that I stayed over." I hoped that would be enough.

"Who did you pick up? Why is this the first time I'm hearing about it? You have no idea how worried I've been!"

"A new friend..."

"You don't know them.. But they have two bedrooms so I crashed. Their flight came in super late last night and I couldn't be bothered to go home. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I figured you were gonna be out anyway." I could feel Taehyung stirring next to me, and I took the opportunity of his loosened arms to crawl out of bed. I grabbed my knitted sweater and walked quietly out of the bedroom, listening to Martin's worried words on the other end of the call.

Walking around I realised the apartment had a small balcony, so I went outside trying to clear my head with some fresh air.

Taehyung's POV

I heard the phone before her, but she looked too comfortable for me to ever consider waking her up for it. We had somehow ended up holding on to each other in our sleep, and the heat from her body surrounded me like a warm blanket. I never thought I'd be this comfortable with anyone other than the guys. My guys. But here I was. God I wish the others could be here too to share this with me.

When the phone rang for the third time she actually woke up. I had been taking in her pretty face while she was sound asleep but once she started moving I panicked and pretended to be the one sleeping. I didn't let go of her though.

She walked out of the bedroom after a bit and I immediately got up, she was talking to him. I knew he was her boyfriend and I knew she was in a bad situation emotion wise. But it still stung.

"Baby you're sad" Jin's voice crawled into my head like a kiss on my temple.

"The boyfriend called" I responded, trying not to sound bitter, but even my own mind was betraying me, portraying my emotions like an open book to my older boyfriend.

"Jungkook said you were in bed with her, I'm confused" I rolled my eyes at the comment. Jungkook can see through the eyes of his soulmates when he wants to. He doesn't use it much because we're usually always together, but once in a while he treats us like a personal mirror to check himself out. Such a weird dude, but he's cute so it's okay.

"First day" I explained. "She didn't want to sleep alone. It's so weird hyung, she's a complete stranger but she feels like home."

As I said that, the blonde woman walked past the windows of the bedroom, staring out into the city while still on the phone with her boyfriend. The window was wide open because the apartment had been so warm last night and she was holding onto the edge of it. I couldn't help but sit up and take a picture of her.

"I want to meet her so bad, T. It's like my body is trying to tell me to start walking towards her 24/7. It's pretty depressing not being able to."

I sighed. Knowing exactly what he meant, but happy I wasn't in that boat anymore.

Staring at the picture I had taken of Hannah, I quickly decided it shouldn't be just for me and posted it on my private Instagram. The only people following me there were close friends and family so it was safe to share what ever my heart desired without it ending up on any news page.

The picture wasn't of an incredible quality and it hadn't been carefully thought out to fit a certain theme or emotion

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The picture wasn't of an incredible quality and it hadn't been carefully thought out to fit a certain theme or emotion. But in my eyes it spoke so loudly of wanting to get to know someone, and as I clicked share on my phone I hoped the guys would get that feeling too.

When Hannah came back it was with a tortured look on her face. I was still in bed, playing a game on my phone but my attention went to her immediately and the phone was quickly forgotten.

"So... uhh... Martin want's to meet you"

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