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George eyes blinked open, and for a few blissful seconds all was normal, until a headache hit him full force and he groaned.

After fully opening his eyes and looking around the room (which he wasn't quite sure where this room was), he noticed there was no Dream next to him. There was, however, an indent in the shape of a person next to him, and as the events of last night flooded back to him, it wasn't hard to imagine where Dream would be.

He dragged himself out of bed, and as the blinds were open, he closed them, as to limit the amount of sunlight in the room. George wanted to curl up in a dark room, but knew he couldn't do that. First off, he had to find out where he was.

Luckily, that was solved quite quickly as he spotted Sapnap sitting on the couch, a water in hand, and something on TV. All George heard was noise, and he didn't care enough to tune in.

"Ah, you're finally up." Sapnap said.

"Yeah.. what time is it?" George rubbed his eyes.

"Uhh like 10. Assuming you remember last night, Dream is in the bathroom." Sapnap said. "He isn't a lightweight by any means but he can get carried away real fast."

"Uh huh.. mind if I make some food?" George asked.

"Yeah I don't mind, make whatever you want."

George made his way to the kitchen, planning on eating whatever he found in the fridge and then going back to the bedroom and trying to sleep his headache off.

Just as he finished off the last bite of some random leftover hardboiled egg that was located in the fridge, Dream emerged from the bathroom looking like absolute hell. He had bags under his eyes and his usually messy blonde hair was matted and even messier. He'd seen hungover people before but Dream looked worse than usual.

He fell onto the empty couch besides Sapnap.

"Remind me to never get drunk again." He groaned, and Sapnap laughed.

"It's not my fault you tried beating the world record for most drinks downed in a night." Dream rolled his eyes at this remark.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." He waved his hand in dismissal. "Did I do anything dumb though?"

"Nope, unless you count kissing-" George suddenly remembered the other event that had happened that night.

Dream kissed George.

Or more like it, Dream kissed George but George kissed back.

Did Dream even remember? Besides what would it mean? They were both drunk, so did it even mean anything? Did Dream like George? Did George like Dream?

"Hellooo?" Sapnap called out, causing George to snap back into reality.


"Dream doesn't believe that you and him kissed, so considering you were much less wasted than him, please confirm." Dream rolled his eyes.

George didn't know what to say. On one hand, it could mean something, but on the other it might not mean anything, besides Dream didn't even remember.

Or did he?


Dream's mind, despite being absolutely wasted, suddenly cleared as his lips connected with Georges. He wasn't sure what he was thinking would happen when he leaned in, or even why he leaned in, but he did and was met back with a kiss.

But he did, and in that moment his mind was crystal clear and all he desired was George.

Then they pulled away, and Sapnap sat back down, the same empty glass of water in hand.

The rest of the night was a blur, he ended up passed out in the bed upstairs, next to George. He still wasn't sure how or why either of them got there, but they did, and thats how Dream woke up the next morning.

After an hour of dealing with a headache, the rest of the alchohol that he had intaken hit him and he spent the next two hours in the bathroom, over the toilet.

The only good to come out of this is that he learned that Sapnap's bathroom floor is really quite cold.

But the one thing he had remembered that throughout the spots of memories he retained (something about kitchen countertops), was the kiss.

It was angelic.

But did it mean anything? George was drunk too, from what he deciphered from Sapnap.

And now he wouldn't confirm with what Sapnap and Dream already knew, so did he even remember?

If he did, does that mean he it didn't mean anything?

"Yeah, we kissed." Dream finally heard George say.

George was blushing.



Hey guys! This is shorter than normal so sorry about that, I didn't really know how to write people that are hungover, so F in the chat for me. Appreciate the knowledge that Sapnap stayed sober specifically so he could work to get Dream and George.

Word Count: 811

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