Chapter 17

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"Hi Y/N, it's been a long time, has it not?"

I stared at her with my eyes wide as saucers. She's back. What does she want this time? I don't like her. She might seem friendly, but no, her attitude doesn't suit my taste.

"Why are you here, Kang Bora? The last time I saw you, you left me with more questions than answers. Did you come back to confuse me even more?" I ask her, my arms crossed around my chest. I want answers; I know she's the only one who could answer all my questions. Although something about her I don't know if its me or my damn conscience telling me to wake up.

Surprisingly, she gave me a small smile or- a smirk? Somehow, it gave me the chills; it seems as if she didn't come here just to answer my questions: she has an ulterior motive. Hm, what is that you want, Missy?

"Oh, Y/N. I've missed you; can't you at least greet me? I didn't want to spoil your moment with TaeTae, but you see, I really wanted to talk to you." She replies, sashaying towards me like a literal spoilt bitch. I scoff, "You, miss me? Please, just get to the point will ya?" I was not buying her pretty face as an excuse: she wants something from me; I must find out what that is. She snickers, while I look at her with disgust. "You sure are like your mother, aren't you?" At the mention of my mother, my face softens. "How do you know my mother? Are you one of her friends? But what are you doing in my dream?"

"Calm down Y/N, I can't answer all you're here. I can't stare here for long. I don't have much energy left, but listen, I can answer all your questions if you come to this Church." She says, her eyes piercing straight into my soul. Wait, what? She wants me to come to this fucking Church when I have no freaking idea where it is?

"Are you crazy? I don't even know where the location of this Church is, and you ask me to come here? And how the fucking hell do you know TaeTae; that isn't even his real name." I question her, trying to voice out the 'obvious' tone in my voice.

She smiles and looks at the floor, why did she look like she winked at somebody? I turn back to see no one. "You still don't know anything, honey, I knew them long time ago, and believe it or not...I was just like you." She stated, making me gasp and think back to the time where Namjoon explained that I had an Aunt who had the same rare blood type as myself.

"So...does that mean- does than mean you're my AUNT?!" I exclaimed out of excitement. But, wait she hates me. Namjoon did say she wanted to kill me...SHE WANTED TO KILL ME!! She laughed, an eerie laughter which mad goosebumps to appear all over my skin.

"I can see you have started to piece the puzzle pieces back together, but still don't know anything." She repeats, making me fume with anger. "Oh, I'll meet you all right; and that day, I'll get all my answers, do you understand?!" I yell at her, not giving a damn at the fact that she was elder than me.

"Okay, then, honey. Until next time..." She bids me goodbye, and in the blink of an eye- she disappears into thin air.

"What just happened? I blink several times to make sure I'm not hallucinating, "That did just happen, didn't it?" I shrug it off, but bitch, what was she talking about? How the freaking hell does she know Taehyung? Is she really my Aunt? Argh! This is getting so frustrating! Don't these types of stuff happen in Movies and Wattpad?


I was watching Y/N sleep. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. I hope she doesn't turn out to be someone like... Never mind, I don't even want to think about that person. Its been a long time since I got over that bitch.

About to stroke her cheek, I noticed that she was stirring in her sleep. Aw, she must be having a dream: maybe about me? I decide to check it out. Yeah, yeah, I know what y'all are thinking: "How is our TaeTae gonna sneak into Y/N's dream?" Haha, that's easy. We have powers, but we never told her anything about it to Y/N 'cause we know she's gonna freak out. We were planning to tell her once she got comfortable with us. Anyways, our Author here will explain all these things to our wonderful readers in the upcoming chapter, so don't miss out! *winks*

I close my eyes and try to use telepathy to connect our thoughts. As always, it works. What I'm witnessing is not good. What is that bitch telling Y/N? Namjoon hyung's not gonna be happy if he finds out. I should go tell Namjoon- but wait, did she just wink at me? Oh fuck, Y/N! I moved out of the way just in time because she turned back...and if she saw me...shit's gonna break down.

I broke out from her dream and exited my bedroom to go talk to my hyungs. They are not going to be happy about the news I have for them. I walk down the flight of stairs to find everyone doing their work, but in the living room.

"Guys we need to talk." I say sternly. They stop abruptly and looked at me curiously. "What is it Taehyung?" Namjoon hyung asked me, seeing me so serious for once in a lifetime. "Yeah hyung, what's up? You look like you've just murdered someone?" Jungkook asked me with a small cackle.

"Maybe we'll have to re-murder someone after all. Guys, She's back."


Ohhhhhh, I smell drama in the air. Who is this 'she' that Taehyung is talking about? Is Kang Bora really Y/N's Aunt? Let me know in the comments! I would love to know your opinions and suggestions.


I promise I'll release another chapter this week. You have my word!!!😘😘

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