Chapter Twenty-four

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__Author's POV__

Everyone sitting in the living room. Talking and enjoying themselves while having tea and snacks. This family don't have any others works to do today, because Zhan and Yibo is coming today and they are going to celebrate it because, today is the first day when Zhan will be in the house as their son-in-law. Everyone is so happy. Mrs. Wang made all favourite dishes of Zhan and Yibo. And also they arranged two surprise for them.

"Dad, we you just send the car for pick them. We didn't go. Isn't it weird?" Zhanjin said.

"Weird? They are not kids and we also didn't went to pick you and Haikuan when, you guys came from yours first night. Remember?" Mr. Wang said.

"But, dad. We were gone for one day. And, they are coming after Three days. We need to do something." Zhanjin said

"Jin, you and Haikuan went for honeymoon too. And they won't agree for it so, we did this to them. And about doing something, we did it already right?" Mrs. Wang said and winked at Zhanjin.

Zhanjin smiled and said, "I got it mom. And, yes. We did it already. And, I'm so excited seeing Yibo's face. "

"We all are excited son. And don't think too much. It's not good for your health. Okay?" Mr. Wang said pattering Zhanjin's shoulder.

"Yes. Dad." Zhanjin replied shyly.

"Ge, I'm so excited thinking about both of their face on our second surprise. Hahahaha!!" Jackson said and laughed like evil.

"Guys, control your emotions and be ready the car is here. First pretend like normal then we will blast our surprise one by one. Okay?" Grandpa said stopping everyone's laughing and joking.

"Okay. Okay!! Sushh!! Zhan is coming." Mr. Wang said seeing Zhan Coming out from the car.

"Hello guys!!!!!!" Zhan screamed entering in the house.

"Zhanzhan!!!!!" Jackson shouted and run to Zhan.

"I missed you." Jackson said hugging Zhan.

Zhan hugged him back and said, "missed you too buddy."

"My babies are back." Mrs. Wang also walk to Zhan.

"Mom, how are you?" Zhan asked hugging Mrs. Wang.

"I'm good after seeing you guys babies." Mrs. Wang replied and break the hug.

"Zhan, you are here my didi." Zhanjin said with a bright smile.

"Yesss.. gege. I'm here finally. I missed you guys so much." Zhan said smiling back.

"Buddy, dad, Haikuan ge, what's up?" Zhan asked smiling.

"Everything is up with happiness." Grandpa replied .

"Hahahahah!!!" Zhan laughed on grandpa's joke.

After few minutes, Yibo entered the room. With a lot of shopping bags and the driver also come following him holding two suitcase and other bags.

"Oh gosh. So many shopping bags. Did you guys bought whole mall?" Jackson asked helping Yibo to carry bags.

"Ask him." Yibo said

"Ehh?? Zhanzhan??" Jackson looked at Zhan.

Zhan run to them and take all bags from Yibo and Jacky then, placed all on the couch.

"What? Nah, I just bought 5 same suites for buddy, my two handsome dad, my handsome gege and poker face coldy. Then, I bought a beautiful dress for my beautiful mom. Some comfy clothes for Zhanjin ge and three leather jackets for Jacky, Xuan and Jiyang. And, importantly a lot of chocolates and toys." Zhan replied giving everyone their gifts one by one.

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