Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: The End

Naruto stood out in the balcony, feeling the cool breeze of the early spring morning. A small smile crept up on his face upon seeing the sun finally coming into view. Five years Kurama... Naruto said as he closed his eyes to meet his tailed-beast friend in front of him.

Kurama grinned, "right! Look at you, aging! Hah!" Kurama laughed and Naruto glared at the nine-tailed beast.

"Oh shut up! You're aging too! At least I think so." Naruto growled as Kurama continued to laugh at his attempt to insult him. Naruto smiled at Kurama and memories of after the war flooded his mind.

Flashback no Jutsu

Naruto breathed heavily, his legs were numb and his body ached. "We... finally did it..!!" He gasped letting out a cheer with Sasuke and the other's that had helped them fight Madara and seal him away for good.

Cheers erupted from all the other shinobi as they celebrated and helped the wounded. Hugging their allies and celebrating. Naruto looked around and smiled at the view of the shinobi that cheered, but a frown formed on his face for the one's that had lost friends and family in the fight.

He raised his head to meet the clouds, that slowly parted letting sunlight through, up in the sky. "I did it... Nagato... Konan... big brother Hidan...!" Naruto's voice cracked as tears formed in his eyes. "I only wish... you were here... with... m-me...."

Once he had finally sorted out the medic ninja and their jobs Minato walked over to Naruto with Jiraiya. Kushina, Mito and Menma approached the blond haired man. Minato smiled and gestured for them to stay where they stood.

"Naruto..." Minato spoke up as the blond haired teen turned around to meet Minato's guilty blue eyes. "We are..."

"On... behalf of my family and Jiraiya... we're very sorry for the pain we've caused you!!" Minato gave Naruto a sincere bow.

Naruto turned to fully face Minato. As much as Naruto hated Minato, he knew nothing could change all the things he ad gone through because of Minato. "Do you expect me to forgive you?" Naruto asked in a sorrowful tone.

"No..." Minato answered as he stood up straight and looked at Naruto. "I know that... the pain we've caused you cannot be fixed by a simple apology. That's why I'm willing to take whatever punishment you give me!"

Naruto sighed as he looked down at his hand. "Even if I take revenge... nothing can change the fact that I'm still your child, the fact that you're my father, the fact that I'm still of the Uzumaki-Namikaze family because of the blood that runs in my veins." Naruto explained.

"If I take revenge what will I achieve? A sense of justice? Relief that the people who brought me into this world yet caused me pain are dead?" Naruto asked as he clenched his fist and looked at Minato.

"I will gain nothing from taking revenge on you and your family." Naruto finally concluded.

"Do me a favour Minato... discard the birth papers of me. Forget about me. From now on the Uzumaki-Namikaze family only have two children. I am not related to you or them, even if I still have your blood running through my veins." Naruto explained looking at Minato straight in the eyes.

"That's what you can do for me, and... teach your Menma and Mito to never neglect someone because of a stupid reason or prophecy. There's no reason to neglect a child. Just give them the love they deserve," Naruto said and turned away from the family, "family is family. Treasure them because no one else can replace them."

"Just like the Akatsuki is a family to me." Naruto concluded and started walking away.

Tears formed in Minato's eyes as he bowed once more. "Thank you, Naruto!" He said making Naruto stop for a moment..

Naruto continued to walk away from Minato and later joined his friends. Before he could even speak anymore, Naruto collapsed and expected to hit the ground. However Sakura quickly caught him.

The two sat down on the ground, "thanks Sakura-chan..." Naruto said weakly.

Sakura smiled and hugged the blonde, her lips meeting his head. "No... thank you for being here Naruto-kun." She said.

The two looked at one another and closed their eyes, as their lips met.

Flashback End

"Dad!!" Two children rushed towards Naruto. A boy with blond hair and emerald green eyes jumped into his eyes while a little girl with pink hair and blue eyes hugged his leg.

"Ah! Shina! Ayami!" Naruto laughed and picked Ayami up, holding the twins in his arms with a grin plastered on his face.

"Mama said that breakfast is ready!!" Ayami exclaimed.

Naruto kissed his two kids on the forehead, "alright. Let's go join Arashi and mama!" Naruto exclaimed and walking out of the balcony and towards the kitchen where he was met by a happy squeal from his youngest child and smile from Sakura.

Naruto put his two kids down and the immediately scurried towards their chairs. Sakura walked up to Naruto and kissed him. "What were you thinking about?" She asked.

"Eh? How'd you know I was thinking?" Naruto asked making Sakura giggle.

"Because you're my husband and I know you the most." She answered.

"Mama! Papa! We're hungry!! Hurry up so we can eat!" Shinachiku whine and pouted as his parents looked at him and laughed.

"Watch out Shina, mama might just make you wait even longer!" Naruto joked and Shinachiku whined even more.

"All right, let's eat!" Naruto exclaimed as he held Sakura's hand and led her towards the table. They sat down on the table and clapped their hands together.

"Thanks for this meal!!" They exclaimed and began to happily eat their food.

Naruto ate his rice and watched as Shinachiku helped himself to more eggs while Ayami quickly ate her food so she could have more. Arashi let out a giggle as Sakura made an aeroplane sound and fed Arashi.

Sakura smiled and ate her food before proceeding to feed Arashi, who once again let out a happy squeal at the 'aeroplane' that was feeding him.

A smile formed on Naruto's face as he chuckled. Thank you... Sakura-chan, Shina, Ayami, Arashi... Naruto thought as he ate his food and conversed with his family and laughed with them.

I'm finally free.

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