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Anna and Klaus quietly searched Marcels apartment for some of his blood.
"Found any?" Anna called from the other room.
"If I had I would've said, Anna. You're the only one who can do the spell." He replied, rudely.
"Christ, no need to get your knickers in a twist." Klaus sighed and Anna entered the room. As Anna opened a drawer and started to thoroughly check it, she spoke.
"Why do you hate me?"
"Because I have no reason to like you." He responded quickly without looking at her.
"Em, how about we start off with the fact that i'm your sister?" She opened the next drawer and searched through that.
"Just because we happen to share parents, doesn't give me a reason to like you. If anything, I should hate you for attacking my real siblings."
"Hey! That was self defense." She said, turning around.
"Yeh, Freya trying to welcome you into the family and you repaying her by breaking her arm is the true definition of self defence." He shouted as he turned around too.
"They didn't really want me. You dont really want me. I look out for myself, Klaus. I have done for a thousand years."
"At any point in those a thousand years, you could've knocked on the door and introduced yourself!"
"For what? So you could act like this?!" It suddenly went silent. Anna turned back around and started looking through the drawers again. Klaus was fed up. He vamped towards her, intending to snap her neck, but she swiftly spun and held out her hand, forcing Klaus against the wall.
"Are you serious? You ask for my help, we do it my way. This isn't a one way street, Klaus. You don't get to be in charge of everything." Klaus was almost suffocating against the wall. Anna was strong. By far the strongest witch Klaus had encountered in his many years on earth.
"Well you can't just walk into my life expecting
me to welcome you with open arms and a spare bedroom! I hadn't even heard about you until yesterday! You're just any other little girl to me." Anna laughed in judgement. She took a few steps forward, slowly.
"You haven't heard of me because I never wanted you to hear of me. We haven't met because I never wanted to meet you. You dont remember me because I made you forget!" Anna was now standing below her brother, staring up at him struggling against the wall.
"What are you talking about?" He asked. She grabbed his hand and his mind went dark until old memories flashed before his eyes.

It was Mystic Falls, 1001 AD. Klaus was in the woods with his youngest brother, Henrik, when Anna walked by them.
"Be careful, its a full moon tonight. The wolves have no control in their true form." She warned them.
"Don't worry, we'll be fine." Klaus said, before he dragged Henrik closer to the village the wolves had built.

Then it was England 1458. Klaus was in the garden of a castle, painting it. Anna walked up behind him, wearing a red velvet gown and her hair pinned up.
"That is a beautiful piece. You are truly talented." She said. Klaus put his brush down.
"Thank you very much. I am.."
"Klaus. I know. I'm Anna." They shook hands.

Suddenly, it was 1714. The Mikaelsons had just moved into New Orleans and were running the city. Anna walked up to Klaus who was feeding on a woman in an alley behind the theatre.
"You might want to slow down there, Klaus. You might get caught." He threw the body to the side and wiped the blood away from the corner of his mouth.
"How do you know my name?"
"Oh, trust me. I know everything."

Anna removed her hand from his and Klaus opened his eyes, gasping. He looked at Anna. She smiled.
"That's right. We've met. So before calling me a little girl, remember I am a 1000 year old immortal were-witch in a 15 year olds body. "
"You wiped my memory? Why? For a thousand years you've hidden beneath the shadows, ready to pounce out. For what reason?"
"Because what else was I meant to do? I had no family, no friends. When my father died, the wolves banished me because I was part witch. I had to lurk around the woods just so I could get food."
"Do you think I had it easy? My father hated me without even knowing what I was! He beat me and abused me for no apparent reason!"
"Yet you still had a place to call home!" It went silent. Anna had a tear dribbling down her cheek. They held eye contact for a few long seconds before she looked away. She lowered her hand and Klaus dropped onto the floor. She walked back over to the set of drawers while Klaus stood up, looking at his sister on the other side of the room. She was searching through random objects like coins and scrap pieces of paper.
"Anna I-"
"There's no point, Klaus. You may think you're different or special. But the truth is you're not the only bastard who grew up unloved." There was no sound for a few moments, only the siblings breathing. Then Klaus walked over to the rug in the centre of the room and lifted it up, revealing a hook in the floor. He opened it and there was a small storage hole in the ground where Marcel stored his blood. He took a vile out and handed it to Anna. She smiled at him softly. He threw the rug back over and Anna sat down on the ground cross-legged in front of an old, worn out map. She poured his blood carefully into the center of the page and closed her eyes. Klaus watched his sister as she muttered. There was something about her. Something that seemed... innocent. Something pure. The way that she breathed and how she moved. It was all so guiltless and honourable. The blood slowly moved its way along the paper before it stopped and formed a small blob in the middle of nowhere.
"Where's Northwich?" Klaus questioned.
"It's a deserted area in the Upper-east-county. There's an abandoned house there." She replied as she stood up. As she folded up the map, Klaus noticed a silver ring upon her smallest finger. It was very simple. A small point facing her nail and only 2 stars on it. But it looked familiar.
"What's that ring?" He said, pointing to it. She looked down at her hand.
"Oh um, nothing." She stated without looking at him. "Lets go get Marcel."

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