Vacation time

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"After explaining everything"

Y/n: Wait, That really happened? That's crazy, The food tasted normal

Namjoon: I know babe, But don't worry, your safe now

He says as he hugs me tight, I laugh and hug him back then kiss him.

Namjoon: I will go get the other ones.

Y/n: Alright!

*5 Minutes later*

Jimin: Y/N!

I look up and jimin launched himself at me, I laugh and ask

Y/n: I bet you almost fought the doctors!

I giggle while the rest kept on launching at me

Namjoon: Guys, Let's go for a vacation to Hawaii!

Taehyung: Wha? But we are on shark season

Namjoon: We won't get on the water then, but it would be refreshing!

Jungkook: true

Yoongi: as long as I can sleep, and there's an area where you guys don't annoy me-

I put a pout face he quickly changed his sentence

Yoongi: M-Me and Y/n! We are going to be alone on our own

Hoseok: Not a chance, She's going to be with me hula dancing!

Y/n; We'll discuss it later! let's pack first!

Jin: When are we going?

Namjoon: Tomorrow at night!

Jin: Alright ima make some food for the trip

We all go and prepare ourselves

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