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"I told you." Sapnap rolled his eyes. "I especially told you that he lik-"

Sapnap was cutoff with a glare from Dream, and even though he didn't really believe the highly hungover Dream would start a fight, he wasn't taking any chances. Crippled and hungover Dream is still Dream.

George stood there, confused as the two stared at one another.

"I think-" He said, trying to defuse the situation, but no one heard. "Okay well Sap I'm going to leave you and Dream to this, and you caused this so you deal with him.

George carefully made his way through the trash to the front door (was that a passed out body lying in the hallway?), where he promptly exited and left the two alone.

It was a cool morning, but George wasn't cold. He stuck his arms in his hoodie, and that's where he stopped in his tracks. He pulled the hoodie up and saw the signature smiley face.

At some point he had ended up in Dream's hoodie.

What the hell happened that night?

Sapnap had flitted the entire night from place to place, interacting with people as he avoided to join in the drunken festivities.

He had a mission that night, get Dream and George drunk and get them together. Which sounds really quite bad out of context, except it wasn't out of context for him.

Freshman year they had a small party, where some seniors they knew smuggled them alcohol, and they proceeded to get wasted.

This ended up in a particularly suggestive game of truth or dare.

Dream and George were both at the party, and conveniently the most wasted of all, causing the night to end in love confessions from both of them.

Sapnap was the only one of the group to still retain memories the next day, and from a second, less drunk confession from both Dream and George sophomore year (each on their respective housing roofs), he made it his mission to get them to stop being so blind.

If you can hardly ever see someone and fall head over heels in love with them, not even just for their looks, the two deserved to be together.

But instead George and Dream began to distance from one another until it appeared they both forgot about their crushes.

Until of course the football field incident.

Sapnap may have been actually paying attention to the game but from what he could see as it happened, he had eno h evidence to rekindle the flame for getting the two together.

Like a true love god.

So that night he didn't particularly suggest Dream or George to get drunk but when they asked for drinks, who was he to say no?

After finally deciding that Dream did need to actually remember some of the night, he pushed the two outside and they talked.

Sapnap doesn't even remember what they talked about, but he did notice the two start to lean on one another. And at this he made up whatever shoddy  excuse he had, that obviously worked for the drunk men, and wandered into the house.

Exiting a few moments later, fairly disturbed by what he had seen inside the house, Sapnap was able to witness the two kiss.

Struggling to not smile and give himself away, he sat back down in the same spot.

The two had pulled away from their kiss, both blushing profusely. Not a moment later, Dream began to slump further down onto George, eventually his head ending up on the short boys shoulder.

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